Angels & Nativities

     They say the season of Advent is about patiently waiting, yet clearly I am no good at that. I have been gathering materials for an Advent wreath/nativity scene for the last little while– but the first Sunday of Advent falls the day after I return from my last craft show– and I am notoriously exhausted after those, so I made up the wreath last night. Audrey helped me (honestly, she was the one the most concerned that Baby Jesus wasn’t in his stable yet— we had to go procure him right after dance lessons!) and last night we set it all up by the tree. (and yes I plan to put the candles in glass candle holders so the whole wreath doesn’t go up in holy flames, lol!)

    I’ve been trying to keep a steady and smooth pace getting ready for The Little Craft Show this weekend, and I’ve been making some new cloth, paint and wool ornaments in the shape of angels and santas. I’m really loving how they’re coming out, and how they each have their own personality! I showed them off on the Audrey Eclectic facebook page and they got a great response, so I plan on offering some in my etsy shop once the show is done. Every bit of them is handmade, from the sewing to the painting to the wool hair. I love them!

   And so….I hope you have a peaceful transition into December– and buy some handmade gifts when you can (or make them!) I’m hoping to finish up a scarf I’ve been plugging away on since the beginning of autumn (note to self— use larger needles next time!) and I’m really really looking forward to a free December where all I worry about is filling orders and creating gifts and projects for my own family. It’s been really hard to say  “no” to December shows and events, but it was something I felt I needed to do for my own peace of mind. It will also give me more opportunity to connect with you here, which I love to do.

   Well, off to start the day and get *someone* off to school!
Have a good day–

16 thoughts on “Angels & Nativities

  1. I love your Advent wreath idea with the little nativity in the center. And those angels and santos you made are quite lovely! I love the way the wool looks for the hair and beard. Good luck at the show this Saturday ! I hope you do we'll. hopefully there will be some angels and santas left over for the shop!!


  2. Your photos are so gorgeous! I just want to live in them. I'm so looking forward to the start of advent. Good luck at the show- I'm sure you will sell out before we get a chance to buy an ornament! 🙂


  3. Oh, there will be more ornaments for the show even if I have to make more! So don't fret 😀 So glad you like them, I love the wool for their hair, its my favorite part!


  4. I love you advent wreath…what a wonderful idea to nestle the nativity in along with the candles. You and Audrey make a great team! Enjoy yourself at the show, I'm sure your display will be beautiful (and a hit!)


  5. Your holiday items are some of my favorites! Your spirit really shows through in them. Good luck at the Little Craft Show! It looks like it will be fun.


  6. Hello dearest you! happy to hear you taking your time, taking care of yourself, and that handmade lovely lovely..totally magical they are. you are so talented my friend and it´s at bliss to look in here and take part of all you art. here we have had busy days working on our livingroom to make a part of it to bedroom. taking some time off today. the snow has come back´s so lovely …love Lycke


  7. I hope you have a very successful show! I know you've been working hard – and it shows…the angels and Santas are so lovely. I hope to get all our holiday decorations up by the end of the weekend. Right now it is an odd mix of fall and winter!


  8. We were driving by the Catholic church in our neighborhood and there was no baby Jesus in the nativity. \”Oh my God, somebody's stolen Baby Jesus!\” I exclaimed, only to have my husband (raised Catholic) tell me that they don't put all the figures into the manger at once. We had one of those \”I guess WASPs do things differently\” moments.


  9. As a child we used to sing the Advent song and light the candles every week at school 🙂 I miss doing it. I think one day I'll do it with my own children. Your post made me nostalgic for those times!


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