Tasha Tuesday: A Visit to Tasha’s Museum

    Today I am very pleased to introduce a guest post by Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations! Theresa recently went for a visit to the Tasha Tudor Museum in Vermont, and has been so kind as to bring us along for the ride! Below you will find her articles and photos. Thanks so much, Theresa!


     Hello everyone, it’s great to be posting here for Tasha Tuesdays!  I am a big fan of Tasha’s work, and it thrilled me to finally be able to visit the Tasha Tudor Museum this fall.

     The museum, located on a sleepy road in Brattleboro, Vermont, is still in its infancy.  It’s spread across two large adjoining exhibition rooms located on the second floor of the historic Jeremiah Beal House.  The primary purpose of the museum is to immerse the general public in the beautiful and special world created by Tasha.

     Upon entering the museum, I was greeted with a cheery display of Tasha’s books, flower seeds and other keepsakes inspired by her work.  The second room housed the current exhibit – “For the Love of Frocks”  – featuring seven exquisite dresses from Tasha’s own historic costume collection.   
    We learned that although much of her collection was dispersed to various collections and museums, Tasha kept a selection of her most prized dresses.  The seven dresses were those that Tasha either wore, made or were reproduced from her charming illustrations.  All of the dresses are representative of the Romantic Era, which I learned was Tasha’s all-time favorite period in history.

      In addition to the beautiful collection of dresses, I discovered that Tasha has a huge fan base in Japan.  Many of her books have been translated into Japanese and also Korean!  I could hear Tasha’s soothing voice during the time I spent viewing her dresses via the documentary “Take Joy,” which played on a television in the background.  During my self-guided tour, I spied a whimsical marionette and seated high above the display tables was a beautiful wooden spinning wheel with a basket of soft wool in earthy colors.

      The founders of the museum are currently scouting out a new permanent location in Southern Vermont to call home with an ambitious goal of bringing Tasha’s magical world to life. Recreating places and spaces such as “The Pond,” “Stillwater Church,” “Snap’s Bakery,” “Megan’s Market,” and “Corey’s Garden” from Tasha’s books are some of what the museum trust has in mind . You can learn more about the museum at  http://www.tashatudormuseum.org/ where you can become a charter member or sign up for museum updates.  You can also visit http://www.tashatudorandfamily.com  for more information on Tasha, shop for her lovely art, print out family recipes, and more.

      It was enchanting to be able to step into Tasha’s world – even just a tiny bit of it.  She has provided such inspiration to many – myself included.  And it was fun to be able to step back in time and envision life as Tasha loved and knew it.

Many Thanks to Theresa for sharing her thoughts and photos with us here for Tasha Tuesday!~!

15 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: A Visit to Tasha’s Museum

  1. Thank you Theresa and Heather, What a wonderful glimpse into a bit of Tasha's world! How I would love to be able to see her lovely old frocks. How beautiful they are~I cannot wait for Tasha's museum!Thank you so much,Christe'


  2. Thank-you Theresa for sharing your trip and photos of Tasha's museum! It is all so fascinating and I do hope that they are able to expand the collections for everyone to experience !!


  3. How lovely!! My house is about a fifteen minute walk from the Tasha Tudor Museum; it's funny to see it here! It's such a charming little place, and the Jeremiah Beale house is a very neat piece of local architecture.


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