Knitting in the New Year

Why, hello there! It’s 2013! We made it! Hope you had a cozy New Year’s Eve. I know I did (and I’ll tell you the truth– I only stayed up til 11! It’s hard to be awake and festive while surrounded by snoring passed out dogs!)
    I spend the evening repeatedly knitting and frogging a pair of mittens 😉 I’m making them with my nice new yarn and wanted them JUST.RIGHT. And since I like to be contrary and knit without a pattern, it’s been a lot of learning. But I also watched a lot of Rick Steves and feel extremely well traveled now!
   My husband laughs at my love for funny ol’ Rick. But he seems to settle in and watch an episode or four with me every time I get in a ‘traveling mood.’ I tell him “Nothing bad ever happens when you’re with Rick Steves!”
    The world seems to be perpetually interesting and exciting. I like it 🙂 Now I’m wishing I could really hop on over to Europe and bask in the centuries of history and folk art. Must make that happen some day!

   I’m hopeful about this brand new year we’ve crept into. I hope it’s a good one. I wont jinx it by making too many concrete plans. I’ll just keep going on my merry way. But I hope good things happen, for all of us. There’s a strange feeling in the air that this world is on the edge of something, and I hope that it’s the edge of something good.
  Thanks for joining me here for another year of painting and knitting and reading and rambling. So glad to have you along!

   Here’s to a fantastic New Year—

PS: Feel like winning some good reading for the new year? Hop over to my Scandinavian Folk blog to enter to win a good book about Swedish immigrants in Kansas!

11 thoughts on “Knitting in the New Year

  1. Ooh, those mittens look divine!! You really are my kindred knit sister! Knitting without a pattern is my path (mostly). I have been knitting mittens too, and think I'm about to cross over from fingerless mitts to mittens as my bulk of knits for sale. Its just a little more work, right? :)Happy New Year to your family!! ❤


  2. Hooray for Rick Steves!!!! I've decided he reminds me of my dad, if my dad was more outgoing and liked to travel. I so need to learn how to knit properly. I can knit, I can purl, but I can't read a pattern or complete a project or fix a mistake to save my life. Pictures of your beautiful knitting might push me to learn!


  3. Your New Years celebration sounded great! Travel and knitting? Perfect duo in my estimation. I have been knitting up a storm the past ,onto as well thanks to your blog posts that make the yarn just beg to be purchased and made into something. Lol!! I love the start of a new year because it feels just like that clean blackboard from elementary school and new sticks of chalk. Ohh, the possibilities!!! I will be here with everyone else knitting, reading, sharing and anxiously waiting to see what emerges from your studio. I am glad it is 2013!!


  4. Happy New Year Heather! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too. I see that you've been knitting up a storm. Your mittens are coming along wonderfully and Audrey's mittens & hat are so cute. You're so multi-talented! I recently picked up my knitting & crochet needles, too, which really only get used in the winter. Last night it was so soothing to knit by a fire…I had to chuckle about your comment on Rick Steve's. I've seen him on PBS and have to agree – nothing can go wrong watching this gentle man tour us through the delightful villages of Europe while advising us on practical travel matters. He's the 'comfort food' of television.I wish you the best in 2013 – hopefully wonderful adventures with your art – and pray, like you, that the world is on the edge of something really good. :)xo, Susan


  5. Wonderful words and a feeling that it´s coming straight from your heart. love your warm pictures always. and thanks so much for your words. about the picture of little one outside: it´s about 5 in the afternoon so it´s still really, early outside here. though today the sun has been shining for the forst time in a very long time. thanks so much for your Christmas card..was so happy to receive it warming my heart *** in our house today half the family sick in the stomach..not me ..yet :)I often to are feeling the the world is on the edge of something, but I use to think that it is inside of me this changes happens.. ***love Lycke


  6. Happy New Year Heather! Can't say my New Year's Eve was overly cozy since we ended up getting lost walking home! Ended up in the next town over after walking for an hour. It was -25C!


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