Christmas Paintings

   There were a couple of special pieces I created last year that I held back from showing because they were Christmas gifts. However, now that the holidays are passed, I can freely show you these pretty little pieces! They include a pair of pretty sisters and a priestly corgi.

    This first painting was a sweet commission of two sisters for their dad. I did the piece in sort of an Edwardian “Downton Abbey” period look in the English countryside. Both girls have flowers that have special meaning to the family. It was a lot of fun to create and I hear it was a hit with the family! I also had some prints made of the piece (which I am happy to do with any commission as long as the piece translates well to a print!) that was given to grandparents.

   This second piece was a fun project I thought up as a gift for our church rector. She has a corgi that she brings to work with her every day, and so I decided I should try my hand at painting a corgi! And not just any corgi, but a priestly corgi 😉 I think he turned out pretty well, I wonder what Tasha Tudor would think?

   I am happy to report that I am starting 2013 with a few new commissions, one of which I just finished last night that I think turned out really well! I am excited to see what new art this new year brings. Something about the new year always brings such excitement and an urge to do better. 

   I’ll have more to show you soon!~!

Oh! And tomorrow is the last chance to enter to win the free book over at Scandinavian Folk! Enter for your chance to win!

16 thoughts on “Christmas Paintings

  1. Such wonderful commission projects. What a great idea to have prints made for the grandparents as well. The priestly corgi is adorable in his handsome clerical collar! I bet your priest was quite excited to receive this . There is no doubt in my mind that Tashsa Tudor would approve !!


  2. Hello, Heather! I just stumbled across your blog while searching \”Tasha Tudor.\” I'm entranced! Your work is just lovely, and when I scrolled a bit and saw Harney and Sons tea paired with Downton Abbey and Jane Austen I felt right at home :). Looking forward to visiting again!


  3. I was so happy to see my painting featured! It's hanging on the wall beside me as I type this. We all love it and it will forever be a treasured family memento. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing where your art takes you this year! And hopefully having those same girls painted as little witches in time for Halloween mantel decorating! :)PatriciaPs I love the corgi! The little pin…!


  4. Welcome, Julianna! love meeting kindred spirits here! Thanks for your sweet comments about my art. You'll have to check back on Tuesdays as well for \”Tasha Tuesdays\”!


  5. I'm so happy everyone likes it! And the idea of two little witchy sisters sounds like so much fun! We'll have to dream up something really cute for halloween!


  6. I recognised Patricia's painting straight away, I love it since I first saw it. She's the one who introuced me to Audrey Eclectic and now I see your name pop up all over the place. Fantastic work!


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