Tasha Tuesday: The Lovely Stillness

  Never fear! I have not forgotten our weekly date for Tasha Tuesday. However, with Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Tuesdays this year, things got a little off schedule. But here we are now. Back into the rhythm of quiet days– they’ve turned cold now. And with Christmas festivities finished, things feel sort of sleepy and still, don’t they?

  I can imagine for Tasha Tudor, who was famous for her epic old-timey Christmases, that this time of the year was probably a little bit of a relief. Time to get back to the paints. Knit a little something for herself. January is made for quiet reflecting. And it’s a good time for painting, since you don’t feel that incessant pull to be outside.

  Although the dogs and I did venture out this morning for a nice walk. I always feel better after a good walk, although sometimes its hard to talk myself into getting all bundled up, and manning the harnesses and leashes. But we’re always glad we went.

   My hope for you today is a stretch of quiet time to do something that you really enjoy. Christmas is done– the parties, the preparing, the dinners, the making for others. Do something for yourself! 

 Happy Tasha Tuesday-

6 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: The Lovely Stillness

  1. After taking the tree down on Epiphany, there is a sense of quiet and routine in my house too. Although I have always missed my tree when I first take it down, I still relish in the unrushed feeling od January when all the frenzy has died down. Oddly enough, it is supposed to be in the upper 70s and 80 degrees all the rest of the week. Florida can have warm spells as this in winter. I wonder if this means a very early spring?


  2. Isn't January wonderful like that? After my initial reaction of a slight feeling of sadness at seeing all the holidays over, then I am relieved. Things start to get quiet again, to slow down. A walk is always a good idea, particularly in the morning. Since we moved to the village and I walk my son to school every morning, I have come to really appreciate getting out, getting a bit of exercise and time to think at the start of the day.


  3. All I want is a normal, moderate spring and summer! The last two have been so brutal. SO I will appreciate the coolness of winter while I can. I love gray skies and rainy anyway 🙂


  4. You always go on such lovely walks too, Alyson! I'd always be outdoors if I lived in your village. I'd never get anything done, lol! Maybe one day I'll pop by!


  5. It is nice and quiet again…back to a regular routine. Well, except for getting over a nasty head cold…at least it was not the flu! It is good to get back into a routine. We just took the tree down today – although it was sad to do – I know soon again it will be back up and the excitement will begin all over again.


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