Dala Horse!

    I’ve decided I need a little Dala Horse in my life 🙂 I’ve started working on a series of Dala Horse paintings that I hope to sell as postcard sets in the near future! I’m working on my horse skills and studying folk art motifs. This Dala– with its red and coral and yellow– is my first design. What do you think?

   This is a photo from last night as I finished it. It’s got some nice texture and crackle to it. I love the look of old, well worn dala horses. I hope some day to own a real one (well, an antique dala horse, not a real horse, although Audrey would flip if we got a real horse!)

   She and I have had lots and lots of time together this Christmas break. And you know I love her, but I’m ready for my routine back. I have a lot to work on, but I feel guilty if I split my attention between her and painting and she doesn’t nap like she used to in the old days! Tomorrow she finally goes back to school and I cant wait to pounce on my new projects, I’ve got some exciting things in the work! And to top it off I was asked if I could pull a show together for Shades of Brown next month and you know I said “Sure! Of course!” I know I can do it, but I like to be super A+ prepared on these things. I never want to disappoint.

  I just know I feel really blessed and lucky to be thinking “I am so glad the break is over, I can’t wait to get back to work!” But it’s true! My plans for tomorrow include a nice long walk with the dogs and then shutting myself up here in my art room and taking care of business. Time to start this new year with a vengeance!

  Have a great week!~

17 thoughts on “Dala Horse!

  1. I love the Dala horse Heather! I had not seen any before but this is beautiful and will make a lovely addition to your portfolio! Although I have been sadly missing from the blog world for the last few months I am one of you followers on Etsy so I have been able to keep up with your work and it just gets better every time I check it out!Have a wonderful creative day!Tina xo


  2. Heather~ I love this Dala Horse! The colors, the flowers and the light background are so beautiful. Your new year painting plans are going to be so fun to watch unfold! Dala postcards will be a great addition to the 2013 inventory too. I bet your little Miss is going to be excited to be back with her friends today. And yes, I too remember the great relief that school was back in session and life had a more predictable routine. The older your child becomes, the more she will choose being with her friends over just \”hanging around the house\” telling you she is soooo bored!! LOL!


  3. Dearest Heather! I love to hear you love your work so so much as you do. I really hope I can find a job making me feel like that. at this moment it´s only making me feel anxiety to think about what I´m going to do..working. I really hope it changes. And I wish I would have the same site as you in life…I really can dream of that. I´m happy though and very inspired of your life and work. As I said before, I think you are so very talented and that you are a real artist. We have snow here, yes, and a lot of it! and I´m so happy to show you all of it. we are very used to it though, but we are happy to have it. I just long for a little more summer-heat you know :)maybe in April the heat would come, in my dreams…and last until at leastOctober!?! That would have been fine. But I´m also thinking, you maybe should visit here sometime. you are always welcome as I´m at home all the thime right now..love Lycke


  4. I hope you find something that you love to do as well, Lycke. Just listen to your heart! It wont fail you. You have such a beautiful home and live in such a magical corner of the world. Hedgehogs just running wild! Goodness! I'd love to come visit you someday. Perhaps I will?


  5. Beautiful Dala horse Heather! It has an authentically old feel to it, too.You're so talented. Glad to hear you're back into the swing of things in your routine. Our kids didn't have such a long break – they returned last Wed. – so it's been good to dive in and CLEAN my house. 🙂


  6. Hi i got 2 dala horse and a fjord horse at my farm in lillyhammer..well done photo of the most working and kind horses!Nice blog!Greerings from Vestlandet Norway!!!


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