Gallery Event: Shades of Brown

   With a hammer in one hand and a frozen mocha in the other, I set up my gallery display at Shades of Brown this morning, and I think it looks good! Lots of paintings, some new and some older, as well as a selection of prints are now on display and ready to buy off the wall!

   I’m so happy that the people of Shades of Brown keep having me back, and I hope that the people who come in enjoy the art. It’s always so much fun to put everything on display like this and almost see it with new eyes! If you’re in the area, you should come by and get a coffee and pasty and check out the art! Everything always looks so much better in person 🙂 This show will last through the month of February. Maybe some of them will get to be Valentines??

  Also new today is my post about branding on the Make Tulsa blog! Please go check it out, and give your own advice too!~

  Well, off to get a little someone at school–

18 thoughts on “Gallery Event: Shades of Brown

  1. I'll have a decaf latte please! Heather, your art display looks fabulous in the coffee shop!! What a wonderful location to share your art with the community. The idea of ready to buy packets of prints and cards is a great idea for people looking for a special gift or card this Valentine's Day season. Your discussion about branding is also quite interesting and very useful to anyone thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. It would be a great article for a business journal or business ebook too. Good luck with your month long show and let us know how it all goes for you.


  2. Thanks, Winnie! Wish we could have a coffee date there! I always hear from people \”Did you hang at Shades of Brown?\” so I know a lot of people see the pieces when they come in, so it's great! And glad you liked the branding post too!~


  3. Oooh my! it looks really wonderful dear dear you! how lovely. thinking it would be beautiful having lots of your paintings in a home like that! Wish I could be ther taking a cup with Lycke


  4. Oh I'm so proud and happy for you!! What a lovely show!!! It looks like you have been creating up a merry little storm (and your work is stunning as always!!)! Hooray! Your wee one is in school now! Oh my how time does fly, indeed! My daughter is 2 now, and I suppose school days will be just around the corner as time flitters by so….and I must admit I'm already worrying over it all…..How has it been going for you? Happy New Year to You, Heather!! Thanks for always dropping in over at my little blog and leaving such kind words! : )


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