Saint Nicholas Dolls

    Time seems to have flown by since I last wrote! Things have been busy here on both the art and life front. I’ve got several commissions I’ve been working on, and I’m trying to finish the last Jane Austen inspired painting that will make up my Austen post card set. We’ve also been busy here with appointments and lessons– and my little dancer’s first dance competition is this weekend!

   And while some of my commission works must remain under wraps, I am excited to share with you these two versions of St. Nicholas that I recently made! One was a commission using wool from the customer’s own sheep (how cool is that?) and the other is a doll I made for myself so I could remember the process, and also have my own St. Nick!

   It was definitely a learning process, but it was a good one and I’m very happy with how they turned out! The fur lining is faux, and the beards are from sheered wool, so these St. Nicholases are animal friendly! I even made their crosiers out of wire and burlap and added strands of rusty bells and gingerbread ornaments. (The ginger bread ornaments were things Audrey and I made over the holidays, you mix cinnamon, apple sauce and glue and then make a dough to create ornaments with. Since there’s glue involved, you can look but not eat!)

  In other news, the Shades of Brown show is going strong, and there’s a great post by Winnie Nielsen over at the Scandinavian Folk blog! She has shared some beautiful family photos and stories, you gotta check it out!

  And as always, thank you for coming here to visit me!~

7 thoughts on “Saint Nicholas Dolls

  1. Heather, your St. Nicholas dolls are wonderful!! I love the idea of the commissioner having you use wool from her farm too. Such a wonderful, beautiful, and unique keepsake from her farm and business! Maybe, there is a possibility for more St. Nicholas dolls for next year's Advent season? I'm just sayin'…………they sure would be cute with candles and evergreens!!


  2. Wow, Heather, these Santas are amazing! I can't get over the real wool you used. They make perfect Santa beards. I love each one's robe and the cute bells and handmade gingerbread ornaments. You pay such attention to detail. Oh, and I'm so happy you're enjoying Tilda's world, too. Tone Finnanger makes Santa dolls a little similar to these. Love those beards! How exciting to see your work in that cool coffee shop, too. If I lived nearby, I'd definitely be resting on that neat old couch with a warm cup – enjoying your art. 🙂


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