Jane Austen on my mind

“Anne Elliot”
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      Yesterday I was happy to finally put the finishing touches on my Anne Elliot painting, and now my Austen heroine set is complete! I’ve painted Anne at her writing desk penning a letter (to who? About what? Only she may know!) Outside her window I’ve painted a cityscape of Bath, which features a lot in Persuasion, the Austen novel about Anne Elliot and her once-lost love who comes back years later, and Anne discovers that he never really left her heart.

   And as if they were little omens about the finishing of this set of paintings, I’ve come across a few Austen goodies lately– like a copy of Northanger Abbey at Target for a mere $3, and the dvd of the Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy in the pond version!) at Wal-Mart for $12 just today. Perfect for a rainy day just shy of Valentine’s Day, dont you think?
   For Christmas I received a beautiful little book called In The Garden with Jane Austen and it is a lovely read, with lots of historical information and color photography of gardens that Jane Austen knew, and even some that may have inspired scenes in her stories. The book also talks a bit about her home at Steventon, where she grew up and what is, now, basically a field. Evidently the old home was torn down a few years after Jane’s death, and the idea of it just makes me a bit heartsick. All those rooms and paths and gardens where she grew up and her spark for reading and writing was first began….just a pasture now. It seems terribly unfitting! 

  However, the book would be a great addition to any Jane Austen site-seeing adventures, and also gives those of us too far away to visit a way to peek into her world.  So I highly suggest it!

  And now, for me….time to get back to work! It’s gray and raining here and there is maybe a chance for a bit of snow. But after this winter…I’ll believe it when I see it!~

   Have a nice Tuesday,

PS: I’ve decided to put the Tasha Tuesday feature on rest for a bit. I will bring it back when I feel fresh and inspired!~

18 thoughts on “Jane Austen on my mind

  1. I love your Jane Austen heroines!!! I love Jane Austen so much anyway. My husband and I bought the BBC miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice(for a lot more money!) back in 2001, when we were first together. He had to be at work at 7 the next morning, but we watched the whole thing until 4 in the morning! It's still one of my favorite memories.


  2. I could immediately tell it was Anne Eliot and I can definitely tell she's in Bath! Love it. Oh my goodness, Paul and I were talking yesterday about how we have to go back to Bath soon. We only had a couple of hours and it just wasn't enough. It's a really gorgeous city.


  3. Your Jane Austen paintings are just wonderful! This latest one is lovely and she makes the finishing touches to your group. I recently watched Pride and Prejudice and enjoyed it so very much. Who is immune to the charms of Mr.Darcy?? Certainly not me! It would be such fun to actually visit the part of England where Jane Austen lived.


  4. That's a lovely piece and as a huge Jane Austen fan I love all of the Jane Austen's pieces you have done. That is also my favourite DVD version of Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy:)


  5. Love the painting of Anne! Excellent view of the Royal Crescent through the window. :DI'm putting together a list of favorite literary pairings for my blog tomorrow, so Jane Austen has been on my mind, too!


  6. U lah lah, I can see the best of the British classics rules in your place now.Beautiful paintings, they even help to visualize all that the J. Austen's novels describe.My favourite novel has always been Sense and Sensibility, including the film with Alan Rickman. Have you ever tried painting Bronte sisters or any characters from the Bronte books?


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