The Maid with the Nut Brown Hair

     You may have spied this little lass in my photos of the Shades of Brown show– she was one of the new pieces I just recently finished and she’s called “The Maid with the Nut Brown Hair.” When I was finishing her up and trying to come up with a name for her, I heard this rendition of an Irish folk song done by Loreena McKennitt (I’ve added it below), and on of the lines stuck in my head– the Maid with the Nut Brown Hair. And so, she was named!

    When I was finishing her up, I was looking this pretty maid over and wondering what I could do to add a little ‘something extra’, something to make her unique and beautiful. And so I decided to highlight her complexion with a spray of brown freckles, and I loved it.

    As I tend to do when I’m sitting alone with only some snoring dogs for company (they really are the laziest of employees!) this act made me stop and go off on a tangent of thoughts. I’ve known so many girls and women who had similar complexions and hated it. I myself have a healthy supply of freckles, although they’ve never particularly bothered me. And as I get older and see little sprinkles of them develop on my little one’s nose, I can see their cuteness and youthfulness. I hope as she gets older, she will see it to.

   And at the risk of getting a little on a tangent here, it made me consider myself and all of as sort of ‘art projects.’ Whether you are more comfortable with the idea of God as creative artist or the intricate dance of DNA, each of us is created uniquely and, I believe, lovingly. It makes me smile to think of a creator looking me over and thinking “Know what would just make her sparkle? A nice helping of freckles.” Perhaps it’s the same for you? Freckles. Or green eyes. Or curly hair. Or beautiful hands. Or a laugh that is unique and merry. I think we all have something about us or in is that is that ‘finishing touch’ of uniqueness and beauty.

   What do you think your finishing touch is? Whatever it is, embrace it. It makes you special 🙂

16 thoughts on “The Maid with the Nut Brown Hair

  1. I love this painting and this post Heather. The only finishing touch I can think of for me is I have tiny, white, even teeth- they are so tiny people have commented on them. I used to be embarrassed by them but at my age (42) I kind of like them. 🙂


  2. Heather, I love your maid with freckles and your comments on considering something beautiful instead of needing to be changed. We have allowed outside sources to define what is considered beautiful instead of seeing differences as important and part of what makes us who we are. I for one think my generation has struggled with this issue way past ridiculous! What makes me unique?? My blond hair that is really a mixture of lots of colors, including now bits of grey!


  3. Love her! I don't have many freckles but I sure hated my hair growing up. I still deal with looking in the mirror and thinking, \”Ugh! It's so frizzy,\” because that's what kids at school would say to me. Like I was doing it on purpose just to offend their sensibilities! Now, I just tell myself \”this is the way my hair is supposed to be–otherwise it wouldn't grow out of my head like this!\” It IS ridiculous that we're coached to believe there's one way to be pretty.


  4. Patricia– Oh, what a lovely thing to have! Many people pay good money for pretty even teeth! 😀 I love when things that once made you self conscious become a point of pride. Smile on!


  5. Thanks, Winnie! I think a big key to happiness and self acceptance can start when we realize that there is NO perfect way to be. Fashions are whims of people trying to sell things. I love that you have a beautiful and unique hair color! I was always unimpressed with having just ho-hum brown hair, but even the song this painting was inspired by celebrates brown hair! So, I will embrace it!


  6. I know just how you feel! I have unruly hair as well, and spent a lot of time and frustration trying to make it be something it naturally was not. I think there is something really beautiful about just being natural. I love your playful curls!


  7. Hello dear you! have been some low days here, but I´m climbing my way up again. I loved this what you written. also the painting with that delicate look in her eyes and the hair and freckles. love love love! and about Loreena! I have listened to her a lot some years ago, you reminded me again. she is wonderful. and you are so right about the unique about every single one of us. But when I´m thinking of myself I have to take some time thinking some more. a little harder to see the special things about oneself. easier to spot them on others I think :)coming back when Lycke


  8. Yep, freckles here also. I absolutely hated them growing up but I so love seeing them on my daughter… sprinkled across her nose, it's so darling!Beautiful paintings Heather! I've scrolled back through your past posts to do some catching up after being gone from blogger for quite some time. Congrats on your art gallery at Shades of Brown. I've never been there before… will have to see if I can find it. I don't venture that way so it's all foreign to me, hehe.Have a delightful week~


  9. Heather, I think your Irish lass is JUST perfect. And the freckles were the ideal finishing touch. My finishing touch? Well, people always comment on my eyes. It is funny – because I got glasses when I was just 8 years old. When I was old enough, I started to wear eye make-up to try and accentuate them behind my glasses (which seemed to only magnify how large they were!). When I was 17, I got contacts. Then people could see my eyes – and they always comment on them (in a positive way). Thanks for reminding us that there is always something special about each and every one of us.


  10. Pretty portrait. Love the girl with the freckles. Love the freckles full stop 🙂 they are a great feature in this painting. You dont normally see them in portraits.She must be a country girl then 🙂


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