Jane Austen Postcards are in!

I was so excited yesterday when the big box of postcards arrived on my doorstep! The Jane Austen postcard set is now in and ready to purchase in my etsy shop! The set also comes with white envelopes so you can mail them as a traditional card if you wish. What do you think? They’ve been a long time in the works! You can find them HERE while the sets last!


12 thoughts on “Jane Austen Postcards are in!

  1. I too love the new additon of quotes to the cards! Can't wait to see my order when it arrives!! I have been using these notecard sets and receive the nicest thanks from the recipients for such lovely cards. I also like the fact that a person could frame the card as well. It is like sending both a card and gift together. February is the perfect month to honor Jane Austen!


  2. Delightful Heather! And it's wonderful that you've got quotes from the literature, too. Sigh…I love Jane Austen novels and you've captured her heroines quite well. 🙂


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