Dala Horse Post Cards

   I am officially restocked with new spring postcard sets, and my second set consists of these cute little dala horse inspired post cards! This set consists of two of my original paintings– dala horse in blue and white and dala horse in pink and red. You’ll get three copies of each card, and they come with white mailing envelopes. 

   I’m doing a new back design for my postcards as well and I love how it turned out– you know me and my love for red (red, Dad, not OU crimson! lol)

   I couldn’t resist tucking in Audrey’s little dala from Hemsljod in Lindsborg into the photo. It’s my hope to collect more real dalas, who knows– they might inspire more paintings!

   These post cards are now available in my etsy shop! Hope you like them!~

10 thoughts on “Dala Horse Post Cards

  1. Oh my! the blue Dala painting – LOVE IT! So Scandinavian through and through! Simply beautiful!The little wooden Dala horse with your name is dead cute too! Such a nice souvenir that adds even more \”Swedishness\” to your place. I may order some of your postcards on etsy, they are so pretty.Happy to send my Easter card to you this season too. Just working on my Nordic Spring cards and experimenting with various stamps 🙂


  2. I have always loved the Dalas…I have a little brown pottery horse that my grandmother gave me, quite a few years ago. It sat on a little shelf thingy in her kitchen as long as I can remember.


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