Usher in the Springtime Giveaway!

   Well, remember that snow we were supposed to have? What a laugh! I woke up that morning and squinted out the bedroom window– why did it look so brown outside? Well, because there was hardly any snow to speak of! While flurries fell in the night, they didn’t stick. It was still too warm. And so lots of grumbly kids went to school Tuesday morning, when we were all so sure there would be a snow day!

   But instead of being mad about it, I’m just going to count it as a blessing for my bulbs which are already sprouting and my roses which are already budding new branches in anticipation of spring. The garden is waking up, and I might as well dust the winter off with it!

   To celebrate the coming season, I’ve decided to host a giveaway here on my blog! I will select one lucky reader to receive a free set of my Jane Austen post cards! (If you by chance have already bought this pack, we can substitute a print of your choice instead of the card set)

  All you need to do is comment here on this post— tell me, who is your favorite Austen heroine? Or do you have another great literary favorite? Are  you more of a Bronte or Dickens fan? Do tell! Also, if you share this giveaway via your blog, facebook or twitter, come back here and let me know in an additional post and you can be entered multiple times for the givaway!

  Sound fun? Let’s hop to it!~

Givaway runs through  Wednesday March 6

36 thoughts on “Usher in the Springtime Giveaway!

  1. Ooooo this is a wonderful giveaway! I would say Emma is my fave – I may be a little partial because my own daughter is named Emma. I do have to add that I am a big Bronte fan as well . . . love me some Jane Eyre. :)jenny


  2. Sounds like tons of fun! Lizzie and Elinor are close favorites, with dear Lizzie just a tiny bit ahead…But my current favorites are Esther Summerson from Dickens's Bleak House and Melanie Hamilton from Gone with the Wind. Such amazing women.Thanks so much for a lovely giveaway!


  3. My set of cards arrived today and they are just plain wonderful! I think my favorite is Lizzy Bennett! Pride and Prejudice is a story I never get tired of reading or watching the movie! And I agree with you, time to move on to Spring! Time to welcome your little new flowers and dust off those pastels in the closet and wear them again!


  4. My favorite Austen heroine is Elizabeth Bennett, by far! She's full of so much sass. I wish we'd had underwhelming winter weather in Wichita. We had about 20\” of snow over a week. The roads are clear now, but it's still piled all over the place.


  5. To risk being predictable… Elizabeth Bennett is my favorite Austen heroine. She's spirited and intelligent and flawed in wonderful ways. But I also love Jane Eyre and the way she comes alive with her love for Mr. Rochester.


  6. My absolute favorite is Jo March…sorry, it's not Austen. 😉 But hey, I love your postcards and would love to have a set. Thanks for the contest!


  7. My favorite Austen heroine has to be Lizzie Bennett – Emma is a close second (but I think I can more easily imagine being best friends with Elizabeth). I love these postcards – they'd be super cute invites to a tea! I'll happily post your giveaway on my fb page.


  8. Awesome! I'm a huge Austen fan! Just FYI, they have a great stamp set commemorating herself for sale over in the UK that is a must have for any Jane fan. 😉 Favorite character?! Oh, too difficult… It's a bit cliche to say I love Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, but I just do. LOL! Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables), Jane (Jane Eyre), Mrs. de Winter (unnamed narrator – from Rebecca), Pip (Great Expectations), etc., etc. etc. I could go on forever! I have a great love of classic literature! 🙂


  9. I'm both a Jane Austen fan and a Bronte sisters fan. All the leading characters are strong women — in a time when it was difficult to be strong. I've been following that lead all my life. Thank you for the chance to win the postcards; my friend, Patricia Heaton, sent me a gift of your postcards for my birthday, and I've been a fan of yours since. 🙂


  10. I love both Austen and Bronte! The strenght and brave thoughts and actions in a time not so kind to women in general I think made a lot to the ladies thath followed. Proud of them I am.. we are all sisters through time.. I´m Lycke


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