In the art room

   The other day one of you expressed curiosity for what my art room looks like. The truth is– it’s really not that cute. It’s usually bordering on….a complete wreck. While I try to keep the bulk of the house looking nice and in order, my art room is the tell-tale sign of scatter-brainess. I’m hoping to improve 🙂

   Or, rather, let’s think of it more like a little hobbit’s hole full of tons of things going on. Piles of paint brushes and paint bottles, stacks of books and cherished magazines, little Swedish Christmas cards strung above my lap top, where I chat with you and list prints and look up etsy invoices.

   Like you, I’ve seen photos of artist’s studios where everything is neat and tidy and sometimes even spartan. I am so, so suspicious of the spartan ones 😉 I find it impossible to create without the clutter, without my bits and bobs close at hand. I have been known to ‘put something away for safe keeping’ to never remember where I put it (I’m still hunting for a candle holder I bought for Christmas!) Obviously, I prefer my creative tools out and about.

   And so…this is it. Where the art is born. At my big splattered table that should be plenty of room….yet seems to get piled on so often that I’m having to eek out a space just large enough for my piece I’m painting on. How does this happen?

  Anyhow….you might have heard we here on the plains are in for some more snow. It’s raining now….but should turn to snow in the night. It’s always a magical prospect to wake up to fresh pristine snow, isn’t it? Like a whole new world.

   Signing off for now!~

22 thoughts on “In the art room

  1. How does this happen? It's called creativity! I've determined that those pristine studio spaces are for show-offs and not for those that work hard at their craft, lol!Yes, we are in for some winter weather! My husband works at the airport and said it is finally snowing here, started about 10:30 pm. Be careful out there! Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to stay inside nice and toasty.


  2. What a fun tour of your studio! I love how it is filled with those items you need to inspire you and help you navigate the business world with your art. It has a great feel to me from those pictures you share and it makes sense how the space is perfectly arranged to make all of your lovely creations emerge. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. it looks like a great working studio :)i always see the studio tours in magazines and wish that mine could look organized like that but it just never is.maybe one day? like you, i need things out or i don't find them! i call mine an organized mess 😉


  4. Wow, your art room is kind of fantastic. My office is just horrifying, with none of the pretty touches that yours has. Very nice! Good luck with the snow!


  5. Haha, well, some work is usually gettign done in this mess, for sure! We ended up NOT getting much snow at all! What a let down! Did you get some where you are?


  6. I love seeing the creative spaces of others! Thanks for sharing yours. I think this is why my favorite magazine is Where Women Create. 😉 I finally got my art room all set up, with a place for all my supplies. Now I just need a kick in the seat to actually create some art!


  7. It looks wonderful! It's so inspiring to see creative spaces – thank you for sharing! My small (cluttered) creative nook along with laptop, sewing basket, and craft supplies, is more of a corner in my living room. So it's difficult to keep everything ready to use, and also very tidy, but I love having everything visible and get unexpected inspiration sometimes!


  8. i always love to see your studio! and i agree, never ever bit something away \”in a safe place to work on later\”-a little mouse or faerie will for sure steal it away!xoxo!


  9. SOME work? Girl, you're one of the busiest artisans I know! Your space is MUCH too clean for the amount of work you do, lol! Which I forgot to say how much I do love your space! If I had that, I would sit in there every day and never want to leave, haha!!It snowed hard for hours and the ground had less than an inch but all the walkways and driveways were only wet. Not cold enough for it to stay so no snow day from school. =[ The kids were bummed, hehe!


  10. What a fun glimpse into your creative space. From time to time, I straighten out my studio – but then when I get going…oops! LOL Disaster zone…until the next time I clean it! A messy room is a creative room!


  11. It's lovely to have a peak into your art room Heather. Very artistic place, full of character and personality. Spartan and clean studio wouldn't be the same. You have seen my crafty table with the glass scattered all over it, together with paints and outliners – mess is when the creation takes place and it's how it should be, I think 🙂 it's good 🙂 I love to leave crafty my tools out, I've never been very good at putting my things away :)love the idea of cards hanging on the \”washing line\” – got the same at home 🙂


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