Ready for Spring

   I don’t know about you, but now that it’s March, I am ready for spring! It’s been pretty cold and gray here the last few days, but I am looking forward to warmer temperatures, flowers, and things just greening up in general!

    This past week has been full as well— my little Miss turned 6, but before that she caught the bug going around at school and we weren’t sure there’d be much partying! But she bounced back (what girl wouldn’t, for cake?) and she was thrilled with the present we got her– a week at ‘horse camp’ for spring break! 

   And speaking of spring, I was looking through some of my spring inspired paintings and thought these three in this post would be great for Easter and the season in general. The last piece, Madonna of the Blossoms, was actually the cover art for The Anglican Digest’s winter issue!

   Also, I appreciate all your enthusiasm and well-wishes about the upcoming move! Thank you so, so much! You all know how much a move means to me. And I feel so grateful to be able to get an old house like I’ve always wanted! Can’t wait to get settled, and get painting! We’ve still got a while until that all happens though 🙂

   Without a doubt, lots of good things are unfolding for 2013! I’m glad you’re here to share them with!~

All paintings in this post are available as prints in my etsy shop!

4 thoughts on “Ready for Spring

  1. I think that by the time mid March arrives, we are all ready to say good by to winter and embrace Spring! These three prints are so reminiscent of the colors and newness of the season too. I especially love the last one with the lamb. So perfect for the Easter season too. Glad the birthday turned out well for you little girl. Lots of nasty winter bugs have been circulating around this year. All the more reason for some window opening and sunshine to flush out the germs!!


  2. I´m also welcoming Spring..longing so much, and has so since new years eve 🙂 at least. so happy things are mowing towards you getting your house..looking so forward to seeing it. hugs a Wednesday-night~Lycke


  3. I'm quite ready for spring, as well. Our crocuses are popping up from the ground – yellow and purple. The white ones always take forever! Also, some bulbs that we're not too certain about (hee hee) are peeking up from the earth, too! Hope your little miss enjoys horse camp!


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