St. Lucia Doll

   Several months ago I had the idea to create a large St. Lucia doll to put on my Swedish Christmas Tree. All decked out in her crown with candles and a beautiful embroidered skirt, I envisioned her to be like a pretty Christmas angel, but Swedish style.
   Well, things just got in the way of that plan– what with shows, gift making, and all the rest. But, in a case of ‘better late than never’ I finally have finished little St. Lucia– complete with curling sheep’s wool hair, a crown with real candles (not that I’ll light them…) and a wreath decorated with lace and gingerbread! Here she is:

   I’m so happy with how she turned out, she was worth the wait I think (as good things often are!) and I’m dreaming of an entire full-sized tree for my Swedish Christmas obsession next winter. But until then…I’m happy to watch the world slowly bud and green out.
   I do like the snugness and cozyness of winter, but when spring appears it’s always a relief, isn’t it? And Holy Week and Easter are just around the corner. I’m looking forward to it!~

   Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!~
An extra early ‘God Jul’ to you 😉

9 thoughts on “St. Lucia Doll

  1. Your St. Lucia doll is fabulous! I love her wreathed head with candles and magnificent hair. She is truly a work of art and will be perfect as a tree topper for next year's Swedish Obscession Tree next December!


  2. She's lovely Heather. Well done on your making! Got the vintage look and it's definitaly one of a kind. love the wreath on her head and the gingrebread idea is cute too


  3. Oh WOW Heather! Your St. Lucia doll is beautiful. You really take the time with each and every lovely detail. I can't wait to see it on your big Swedish-Christmas tree next year – in your new HOME! 🙂


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