Original Painting: Picking Dinner

 As it always happens in early spring, I’ve been thinking about gardening and flowers and warm sunny days.
   Of course outside it’s really just raw and wet and gray. A few Bradford Pear trees have bloomed, but other then that it’s pretty pitiful looking outside.
  No matter, I have spring magazines and seed catalogs to ponder! And that’s how this painting, “Picking Dinner” came to be.

   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the type of scenes I want to paint and what I find interesting. What inspires me most are narrative scenes like this, where there is action going on and a story unfolding. 
   A mother and her two children go through their summer garden to choose what they’ll have for dinner, beyond them is the flat prairie and a sod house, and beyond that a pasture of sheep. 
   It was also fun to paint the vegetables and put in some of my favorite summer flowers. And on days like this, it’s nice to imagine warm sun on your face and the earth beneath your feet.
   But….at this point in time I know that’s all just wishful thinking, isn’t it? While it’s just plain cold and yucky here, I know many of you– even those of you in the UK are experiencing snowstorms! Bundle up and take care!
   Spring is coming, slowly but surely!

  Also, you can now find “Picking Dinner” for sale on etsy! I’m inspired to do more outdoorsy bright scenes. I shall return to my sketchbook—

16 thoughts on “Original Painting: Picking Dinner

  1. I love your new garden painting as shown on your Instagram! So fun and colorful and full of life on the prairie feel. March has been full of cold days for us here in Florida as well. Tonight it is back to the upper 30s! Really? I have been holding off on planting a spring garden till April when the sudden cold drops are less likely. This year winter has been very unusual for us as well as others . Maybe we won't scorch again this summer? I am not hopeful on that wish!


  2. It is soooo cold here in the UK right now, we're supposed to be having snow again tomorrow….eeek!!I would love to get out in the garden again but no chance of that yet for us I'm afraid!!


  3. oh my goodness, the bunny picture! how adorable and huggable they are! :)your post made me long for spring even more and guess what, the GB has just been hit with some heavy snowfalls (see my new blog note) – this is some kind of joke. I was hoping for a warm spring weather this weekend! ps. my Easter card is on its way to you. hope it will arrive by Easter 🙂


  4. Heather, this painting is just outstanding! I love your story of this family gathering food for their dinner in context of a prairie life. It is so wonderful in all of the details ! What an inspiration for Spring and Summer. I hope your weather improves on the prairie next week. Hopefully your Easter Parade will have sunny skies!!


  5. Hi Heather, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! What an inspiration to visit you – your artwork is beautiful and I love the St. Lucia doll. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


  6. Hi there, I just wanted to say hello to you. I found your words and your wonderful art work via Alyson. I hope to visit often and maybe one day own one of your paintings. They are just so beautiful, Jo xx


  7. Thanks so much, WInnie! Easter is supposed to be nice– here's hoping! Once Easter comes it should be a rule that there's no more cold and blah days 😉


  8. How fun to stretch your wings a bit and try new things! Love it (as always).Oh my goodness, this has been the never-ending winter! It's just snowed and snowed and snowed and we're supposed to get more this week! Craziness.


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