Easter Dream House

   The other day I picked up a copy of the magazine Cottages and Bungalows at the store, and was flipping through the pages while waiting in the school pick up line, when I stumbled upon the cutest– I mean cutest— cottage all decked out for Easter in all it’s folk artsy glory. 
   I just fell totally in love with the design and decor of the place– the amazing use of folk art, the touches of the divine, the whimsy, and also the balance of saturated color with expanses of white and neutral tones so that the all the folky color and pattern weren’t too intense.

     You can also see photos of this house in an article online that I found– it uses many of the same photographs (the above photos are from that site) and read a bit about the house yourself.
   The cottage is in England and was built sometime in the 18th century. And as a lover of pattern, red, and folk art style, I am definitely going to be keeping it in mind as I create a new space for us when we move this summer!

   Of course now that it’s spring break, it’s turned gray and cold here. Little Miss is spending the days at horse camp though, and I can’t wait to hear about her adventures when I pick her up! Despite the blah weather, it’s the perfect time to cuddle up with some magazines and books to come up with design inspiration– and a good supply of chai tea (I’m super obsessed with Twining’s french vanilla chai with honey and a dash of coffee creamer)

   Hope you’re getting a great start to your week!~ Wishing us all warmer days ahead-

PS: I’ve added a new feature to the sidebar, the Audrey Eclectic Instagram feed! I started a new account just for this blog and business. You can follow along on instagram, or right here on the blog where you can view my photos in the sidebar.

9 thoughts on “Easter Dream House

  1. Such a pretty house! I love the curtains. Your pretty cup and saucer would fit in nicely in a space like that. 😉 The girls want to go out bike riding today, but yes, it's so much colder! I was complaining about it being 80 degrees out a few days ago, but I wouldn't complain if the kids could have that weather over spring break.


  2. I love the painted furniture! It reminds me of Scandinavian traditions that I have seen in photos of homes. The other part I love is the multicolored kitchen. All the various colors of dishes, the red stove and painted cupboard are so fun and bright. I really like that they are not color coded but yet work together.


  3. How exciting for you to find a cottage you love and can draw inspiration from for your new home soon! I'm so happy for you Heather! I know you will make your next home cozy and artistic. I've been snuggling with magazines here, too. Hard to believe, but we got MORE snow this week. I'm so ready for spring! Funny – yet another thing we have in common is chai tea! I've got the Twinings french vanilla downstairs in my kitchen now. 🙂


  4. I think its because its spring break….its always miserable. They're saying rain and maybe even sleet tomorrow! Where is my 80 degree day at?! I miss it!And yes, I'm eagerly awaiting a new place to put my cups and saucers! My husband says I'm at capacity here with cute tea cups 😉


  5. Thanks so much, Susan!~ 😀 And I love chai tea…mostly I think because it's like 'light' coffee the way I fix it. It's good stuff! Did you see that they had pumpkin flavor chai around the holidays?


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