Knitting in springtime

   The sun may be out, the sky blue, trees and flowers in bloom and short sleeved shirts getting pulled out of the closet but I’m still knitting! I’ve been playing around with color strand knitting, kinda sorta fair isle (what is construed as fair isle anyway? I’m not sure!). I was inspired to play around with knitting designs by a pattern in Amanda Keeys’ book Baby Beanies which has a pattern called Euro Baby, which is a really easy intro to color stranding.

   So you know me….I went Scandinavian knit crazy! These little caps didn’t take much time at all. And last week Michael’s had all their little Sugar and Spice yarns on sale for 99 cents so I made a bit of a yarn investment, haha. Audrey picked out some colors and I’m now working on a hat for her.

  It just feels so good when you figure something out like this. Whether it’s color stranding, purling, making a hat, or finishing that first wonky scarf, it feels good. And you always learn something. Each project makes the next project better, I think.

  Well, I’ve set a little goal for myself to get some work done this afternoon and then I will treat myself to the new (and sooo adorable but sooo darn expensive!) issue of Country Home. I’ve even got a game plan…Hobby Lobby will let you use a 40% off coupon on magazines. So I’m hoping to find it there and get it cheaper. There is a method to my madness…. 😀

  Have a great week!~

5 thoughts on “Knitting in springtime

  1. I love your new spring cotton yarns! Yesterday I got the same orange and green plus a few others for some fall hat ideas. My only complaint is that the cotton yarns are not elasticized so you have to be careful about the gauge because they can end up baggy. You are so right about finishing a new project like fair isle knitting. You always learn something and when it ends up successful, the victory is so sweet!!! Enjoy your Country Home. It is a great magazine for home decorating!


  2. lovely there! when my mother in law is arriving here later in may, she will show me how to knit a vest I want to wear over tunics and dresses. lovely spring-thoughts to you..~Lycke


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