A Sweethearted Angel

       Just yesterday I finished a large angel doll commission, and I’m excited to share her with you! I thought she came out really nicely– a balance of rustic and feminine with her burlap wings and belt and lace edges. 
   I also love a good heart ornament and gave her one to hold in her hands— the lace edging just makes it, don’t you think? Here are some other photos:

This girl has a bit of a different hairstyle too– her owner requested a braid, so I have her a long side braid over her shoulder. It’s such a sweet look, and I love the wool that I got from my friend Jane Deason at Angora Jane’s. Real wool makes the most amazing doll hair! And Jane even sent me home with some extra stuff that will be fabulous for more dolls last time I visited her little farm. 
   I’ve had a lot of compliments on this angel on the facebook page, so I’m thinking I might make some other dolls to sell on etsy later this spring when we’re all settled in the new place. What do you think? Would you like a little doll?

  Signing off for now!~ Talk with you soon~

9 thoughts on “A Sweethearted Angel

  1. She is so lovely in all her rustic and lace details!! I think her hairstyle and face are just so sweet ! I bet if you added some dolls , there would be plenty of takers!!


  2. I think she turned out beautifully. I love primitive dolls. In fact, seeing her has reminded me of a couple doll projects I've set aside. I need to clear room on my calendar and immerse myself in some dollmaking.


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