New Post Cards!

   Yesterday I got in an order of new postcards, and I just listed them in my etsy shop this morning! I’m really happy with how they turned out! I think the color for the spring and summer here at Audrey Eclectic is a bright and cheery turquoise blue (my mama’s favorite color– and jewelry!) and these postcards all compliment each other’s blue tones, as well as celebrate the blessings of family.

   I also got some new business cards that I designed myself and I’m happy (and relieved!) that they turned out great (I’m always scared that I’ll order hundreds of cards and something will be wrong with them but, knock on wood, they came out wonderfully!)

I have more postcards on the way, so I should have more to share with you in the next few days! I’m slowly getting restocked after getting (happily) ransacked of most of my postcards during Christmas!
   Now, off to run a few errands in the cold. Yes– cold! It was in the 80s yesterday but a front came through and we’ve plummeted 40 degrees. There’s a chance of a freeze and even a few snow flakes tonight. I can’t believe it! This is the oddest spring! But I guess a cooler spring is better than a scorcher! Hope it keeps up through the summer, think it might? Weirder things have happened I guess, like May snow 😉


8 thoughts on “New Post Cards!

  1. What crazy weather!! I hope your flowers won't get zapped!! Love the new postcards. I am so happy you added them as I have about used up my other cards. These are my new go to cards for every occasion. Somehow they just make the most perfect choice and provide space for a special hand written note. Recipients can also frame them for a unique keepsake. Thanks so much!!!


  2. I love your artwork Heather; the colour palette is just heavenly. I've been browsing your Etsy store and have been wishlisting everything! x


  3. Your postcards are so pretty and unique – not only the front is entertaining 🙂 their back is attractive too.Hope they will sell quickly!Love your new blog banner – the colour and pattern of the wall is striking – I can't take my eyes away from it and again, there's this atmosphere of family cosiness, getting ready for night and sleep – lovely.


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