Giveaway winners!

       There’s gonna be some new rules here in the art room thanks to one small and fuzzy critter who insists on hopping up on my painting table and examining (drinking/messing/fighting with) everything he finds. I’m used to dogs that stay happily at ground level! Not the case with this little one (who, at present, is named Snowy. And is a boy. Lot’s going on with this one!)

    I’m slowly starting to get back to work with painting, but first we needed to find out the winners of the journal giveaway of The Dark Between painting! And the winners are….

   Theresa and Danzel!~!

Congrats, ladies! I’ll need to get your info to Sonia Gensler and they’ll be on their way!

   Well, off to get a few more things done and get some sketching in for upcoming Autumn painting. I can’t wait!~

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