Summer arrives

  We may have been lulled into thinking this would be a mild year by a wet and cool spring, but summer is here now in all it’s oppressive and sticky glory. Tis the season of sweaty rabbits! And hiding in the house from noon til nine! Ah well…I am so thankful this old house has central heat and air. And I am enjoying summer flowers and getting the house, for the most part, under control (although my art room is still a disaster!)

   One thing that will help me get through summer is the thought of autumn approaching and all the fun paintings I can create— and also the planning of an amazing trip with my friends Alyson and Emily. Emily and I are flying in from middle America to stay with our gracious hostess Alyson in New England, where we will get up to all sorts of shenanigans involving historical and/or haunted sites from Maine to Massachusetts. This will be in early October, the height of autumnal merry-making, and I am so excited!

   So, while June and July blazes unmercifully on, I will dream of pumpkins and witches and little salt box houses. Speaking of pumpkins, we planted some seeds and they are sprouting up. Hope I can save this crop from the squash beetles. Any advise on pumpkin growing?

   Well, to the sketch pad I go!~ Have a great weekend!~

14 thoughts on “Summer arrives

  1. The house looks lovely, Heather. Although it is nearly summer here, it still doesn't feel like it. I am sure the stickiness will arrive eventually, but it can take it's time to get here. So excited that you'll finally be able to come see New England. I am sure Alyson will be an amazing host! And she sure knows her way around this area that I love so much. Can't wait to see all the fabulous photos you'll take. How great that you will be able to meet your blog buddy in person – very cool!


  2. Looking good!!!What a fun fall trip you have planned! Going to Salem? Besides the witch trials, it was home to Nathanael Bowditch – we read \”Carry On, Mr. Bowditch\” before visiting there. We also visited Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace and the House of Seven Gables (which has a hidden staircase) – the two houses are next door to each other. So much history there – sigh. I know nothing about pumpkin growing – even though my husband's grandfather used to grow HUGE \”Big Max\” pumpkins every year!


  3. Ahh, your trip will be EPIC!! And October will be lovely up there for sure. Your house is coming together wonderfully. You must be enjoying it all immensely with so much extra space and yard. I had to laugh at the kitty in your instagram \”assisting you \” in your painting work! He is adorable! Perhaps he might just show up in a certain fall painting I am thinking about??? As to growing pumpkins, I have no expertise to share. Did you call your local extension office? They will be able to tell you everything you need to know. It would be fun to grow a crop to use in decorating the front porch. Audrey would get a big kick out of watching them grow big and turn orange. Keep us posted on how they do! In the meantime, I join in with you in finding fun in the AC! Whew, we have had one hot humid week here in Florida!!


  4. Hi Heather, your new home is beautiful and congratulations on your wee addition coming to your family. Your trip to New England sounds amazing; I've always wanted to visit in autumn; definitely a favourite time of year!


  5. Dear Heather,I have missed your lovely blog and all the changes which have taken place in your beautiful life.Hot and humid is not my favourite combination! I know you are used to it but good luck all the same and I wish you a very happy weekend with a promise I'll be visiting more frequently again.Stephanie


  6. Dear Heather, I am so sorry this has taken so long to get to you. But it does not diminish the huge best wishes I send you and your family for the new wee one you are awaiting. I send you much fond wishes and am very happy for you. Lots of thoughts from Scotland, Jo xx


  7. Such an amazing home; so cozy, personal and stylish. As you Highgate Cemetary I have read Her Fearful Symmetry too, and I love it so much, it´s such an interesting read. Oklahoma summer seems to be pretty cruel in all its heat and humidity. xxx


  8. dear Heather! I love all your pictures and words as always. but a feeling.. you should move somewhere here in Sweden. I said it before. it should fit you perfect and I think you know it. It´s another thing mowing.. Iknow. even if I complain about the cold weather I don´n want to move. I love my house. and I guess you love yours. love it here anyway ..***Love Lycke


  9. Have you read \”Farmer Boy\”? I think of the big pumpkin they grew using milk…We were in northern California, drove past miles and miles of fields of sunflowers just 3 days ago!


  10. I can see the details of your beautiful home coming together, that woodwork in the background is so nice!!! Love all the little touches you are adding:)Happy summer!!!


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