Knitted Nesting

    I’m not planning a nursery, nor have I bought a single baby item. But I have been nesting in my own way– the knitting way!
   I was pretty proud of myself when I finished my first baby sweater attempt, and it even looks like a normal sweater! How about that? I didn’t use a pattern, just vague things I already knew how to do and a slight idea of how to go about making it. So I’m pretty excited it didn’t turn out too wonky, and I love the gender neutral scandinavian style of it.

    I’ve been painting this week on some fun projects, both of which are commissions so they’re underwraps for now, but Im getting ideas for autumn paintings as well. Today it was in the low 80s and it was absolutely lovely. That’s like…Vermont summer weather, which is unheard of for here in almost July. I’m so so so thankful for it, especially after last summer. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll remember all I did was whine and moan for about three months that summer 😉 (sorry about that!)

  My plan for the coming week is to enjoy this great weather (all in the 80s!?!) and paint more autumn pieces. Hope you have a great week too–

6 thoughts on “Knitted Nesting

  1. Nesting the knitting way sounds perfect! The sweater is adorable and the next one in the blue is going to be very pretty. There is plenty of time to figure out the rest! How lucky you are with a week in the 80s! It will be perfect for being outside more and enjoying summer activities. Speaking of whining, we cannot be outside more than a few minutes unless covered in Off Spray. The mosquitoes are extra abundant this year with all the rain and standing puddles! I am curious to see what autumn ideas are brewing in your mind. I know I am going to love them!


  2. you have serious mad knitting skills if you knit that baby sweater without a pattern, i've done two baby sweaters from the same pattern and both came out wonky. course i'm a slow off again/on again knitter. but i love it look you gave it!we have more rain today…sigh…blessings~*~


  3. Wow!!! ♥ I'm so impressed…keep it up! I knit a pair of socks and a vest (a year ago) and have only been crocheting since, knitting is time-consuming.


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