Sleepy Summer

   I’m sitting here in the art room this morning with a kitten curled up in my lap and two snoring dogs under the desk. It is a chilly morning– there were shivers as I went out to fill the bird feeder, and I love it. Mornings in the 50s in July is a heavenly treat. This time last year, we started the day out sweating. This week’s weather has been a little miracle!

   Of course, I wish I were more alert to enjoy it, but the truth is I’m still feeling like our little kitty, above 😉 I’m up bright eyed and bushy tailed, but my noon I start to drag and more often than not, I’m in bed by around 8. It’s ridiculous! But since I’m heading out of my first trimester with this little one, I’m hoping I wake up soon. So much to do! To plan! To paint!

  Well, time to start the day. We’re having dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday and then closing the evening with some good front porch sittin’. And then tomorrow we’ll celebrate Independence Day…and probably end up on the porch again!~

   Until next time!~

19 thoughts on “Sleepy Summer

  1. hello dear you. feeling so near and sincere your words today. almost if I where there with you. love the feeling. joining you at the porch later I´m Lycke


  2. Nothing like a loose summer agenda that allows for plenty of porch sitting! Of course the mornings in the 50s is over the top in wonderful! Enjoy the 4th with family and friends. Your kitten seems to be getting his share of quality naps lately! So Adorable!


  3. Hi Heather! Hope you enjoyed your porch sitting yesterday and had a happy 4th. We watched some great fireworks Wed. night with the kids. Such fun for them. I just love that cute Scandinavian sweater you knitted and can't get over that you didn't use a pattern. Amazing! Your baby will look so cute in it. Here's hoping your next trimester gives you more energy. Happy summer!


  4. Hope you had a fabulous 4th! We spent a quiet day together. It has been oppressively hot and humid here – and I haven't been doing all that well with the humidity. Hope it breaks sometime soon…it has my heart longing for fall, that's for sure! 🙂 Your little kitty is growing so fast!


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