Come on over– a bungalow tour!

      It’s been over a month now since we were handed the keys to our 1916 bungalow and it’s finally starting to come together like home and really feel like home. Now that (most) of the boxes have been cleared away and we’ve figured out how to hang some things in the rock hard walls, I thought I’d give you a little bit of a tour of the new home of all things Audrey Eclectic!

  This is our new living room– with a new couch! We acquired it by a twist of fate– it was my parent’s couch and they were giving it to my brother to use in the carriage house out back. But the problem was– it was too tall to get up the narrow old stairs into the apartment! So I suggested that he take our couch, which was much lower, and we take mom’s. It was a bit of a sofa shuffle, but we all ended up with beige couches at the end of the day!

   Above the mantle in the living room is the wedding portrait of my great-great grandparents Jim and Lula Mae Van Winkle. I love that I am now living in the same old down town area that they lived in during the early days when this was just a small prairie town. I recently had a friend who’s a genealogist look into this side of the family, and she came up with some fascinating stuff!

    Of course one of the main things I fell in love with about this house was all the woodwork and these beautiful original bookcases. This place has some fabulous built-ins, including a kitchen hutch and an ‘ice box’ original to the house. I store my ice cream maker in there now! 😉

  In honor of actually having a dining room now, we had a big country dining table built to fill the space– and ever since I was a kid and my grandparent’s had a dining room table with a bench to sit on, I’ve wanted one. Guess what I’ve got now?
   The guys who built our table and custom finished it for us run a business out of Springdale, AR. called James + James. They make amazing pieces for really reasonable prices— and they deliver all around the country!

     The wow room in this house is no doubt the kitchen– which was remodeled a few years ago and is totally modern, complete with granite counter tops. I never imagined I would own granite counter tops— I wanted an old house, and I was prepared to have to live with something just a smidge off from ‘nightmare outdated mess’ until it could be upgraded, so this was an awesome bonus. 
   It wasn’t completely overhauled to lose the original charm, however— there is an original alcove with the ice box (I’ll show that area at a different time, it’s sorta stacked with odds and ends now) and the built in hutch, which is now home to all my pretty mugs and cups.

  There’s Henry and Franklin enjoying the cool tile floor on a day that’s supposed to be in the triple digits. We are so so thankful for central heat and air in this place! A must-have in Oklahoma! Just outside those windows is a view of the carriage house, which is full brick and reminds me of an old Jane Austen cottage. My brother lives in there now, however I haven’t made him start dressing in breeches and a cravat to help complete the picture. Yet. 😉 

   This is our sweet little stairwell with its painted steps. I have always wanted a pretty stairway, mainly to decorate at Christmas, and I’m so happy to finally have one! Plus, 21 stairs. We’ve counted. But they’re a smooth stairway to climb. I wonder how many hands and feet have worn these stairs into their buttery smoothness? Countless, nearly 100 years worth!
  This is our master bedroom, which is so cozy. I love waking up and looking out over the porch and the yard in the morning. And my old chippy flea market pictures seem to go well in it, and of course the union jack pillow. You might remember my other master bedroom was very dark and rich with its peacock green– its interesting to see all my things in a lighter, more mellow light. And yes, that’s the crib there on the left. Waiting for our winter baby, whenever he or she arrives!

  And did you notice this little ornery one up in the middle of it all? He loves to snuggle in the pillows…but who could blame him, really? Officially, his name is “Snowy” but we mostly tend to call him “Kitty.” Although I think he should be named “Trouble.” At least he’s not swinging from the light cord in these pictures, like he loves to do 😉

    The other side of the master bedroom, looking out into the living room. I love the look of all these little old prints and samplers grouped together on the walls. Since the rooms are so big and the ceilings are so high, what may have looked extremely busy in the little house looks balanced here. Which is a good thing!

   And so….that is the tour, for now! Other rooms are starting to come together, and I’m sure you’ll see more as I blog on. Hope you enjoyed your peek into the bungalow! Glad you got to stop by for a visit!~
   Now how about some iced tea?

24 thoughts on “Come on over– a bungalow tour!

  1. Oh, Heather, this house was made for you! I really believe so. The architect and builders must have been psychic or something like that- knowing that a lovely lady called Heather would live here one day and there fore they decided to build the perfect house for you:)


  2. I love your house! Those stairs! That kitchen! I was thinking it looked a lot like the 1920 bungalow we rented before we bought our house, but we didn't have an awesomely redone kitchen. Just gorgeous. I miss having craftsman style built-ins. Whenever we can afford to sell and upgrade, I'm definately wanting to return to that era of housing. Love.


  3. What a beautiful home! I love those bookcases so much. And the kitchen- wow! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Ps- it's funny you call Snowy Kitty. Our 2 cats have proper names but are mainly referred to as Meow Meow and Puss Cat. No idea why!


  4. That kitchen is perfect, I love white kitchens. And all that natural light is gorgeous, great for painting! Enjoy your new home and congratulations on your baby… Get all that work done now! 😉


  5. Sooo you!! Love your new little home…and cannot wait to meet the little person that will fill that beautiful crib soon. 🙂 Will you have an arts and crafts room in this house? So happy for you all!


  6. What a wonderful tour! I love all of the vintage details in each of the spaces. Old houses are full of charm in both large and small areas. I too love all of the wood and the built in shelving along with the openness of the main floor. It all seems to fit perfectly with both your existing and new furniture and other furnishings! There is lots of space to build so many new family times and memories. Looking forward to Part II of the Bungalow Tour!


  7. I loved the dialoged tour!! I tried some mint tea I am going to have to purchase and bring over for us to enjoy sitting out on your lovely big front porch! See you soon for tea time!


  8. We have the exact same union jack pillow! LOL My last blog post for 4th of July has my own kitty sleeping with it. Cute bungalow! Love the built in cabinets and the kitchen is very cute! There is no greater fun at Christmas than decorating your staircase for the first time. Have fun with it!Nicki58Cherries


  9. That staircase is dreamy! I know just what you mean, it will be marvelous around Christmas! I just think of little feet coming down stairs to see what Santa left under the tree. I love your home, it really is lovely.


  10. Heather! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love it to pieces. These staircase and the bookcases alone would have sold it for me. And I love that cutout in the kitchen. So airy and pretty. What a DREAM. I am really truly happy for you! 🙂


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