Original Painting: The Witch’s Garden

    Guess what season I’m totally ready for??? I’m determined to live in complete denial of our frying temperatures and concentrate on the idea of October. Sound good? Well, then we can be friends 😀

   I’ve also had several requests for autumn postcards, so I thought I’d better get started on some designs so I’ll have the cards in plenty of time. This little painting sort of just thought itself up–my painting desk overlooks the back garden and I found myself wondering what a witch’s garden would look like. I imagine cone flowers, bee balm, daisies, and all sorts of herbs. And cats, of course. Can’t forget the cats.

  I also wanted to paint a quaint little New England village because surely, all of those sleepy little villages must have had a cute little witch to spice things up, right? Imagine the trouble she caused 😉 or imagine the young ladies sneaking up the path to her gate for a love potion or something to pinken their cheeks and brighten their eyes so a certain young man would notice them? I’m sure this little witch would be much obliging. 

  This painting is just now on etsy and looking for a new home! I wish the scanner could capture all the tiny details– of course nothing compares to the original. But maybe you’ll fall in love with her ( and her cats, they are, of course, inseparable!) and want to bring her home with you?

  You can find here HERE— for now!~
Back to painting–

9 thoughts on “Original Painting: The Witch’s Garden

  1. Such a very nice painting! It isn't too early to think about fall. By the first of August, schools begin to open for the next school year in this area! That brings fall along in a hurry!


  2. Ohh, I love her witchy self!! Her outfit is a distant reminder of Scandinavian themes which I just love! The Swedes believe in kitchen witches, I believe, to bring good luck to the house. And Fall. Say no more! The painting just conveys that October feel with colored leaves and bright fall flowers. It all is just so fun and rich in color. Plus, you just can't have enough kitties for friends!Yes, Yes, Yes to fall themed postcards!!! Every time I send them to friends or family, they always comment on how lovely they are! These would be so perfect for sending at Halloween and Thanksgiving!


  3. Oh, I love, love this! I am always so ready for Fall, no matter what. It is truly the most magical and amazing time of year. This really gets me in the mood. As always, your art is so inspiring and lovely!


  4. I'm with you … roll on October! It's 28 degrees Celsius here today which is far too hot for me, and they say it's set to stay this way for weeks. I do like it when the sun shines but does it have to be so warm?!Love the witchy painting Heather 🙂


  5. She is really truly lovely – and I am happy to see that she has sold. Believe me, I am hankering for fall in the midst of these terrible heat and humidity. So happy we have a good air conditioner! So visions of beautifully colored fallen leaves, pumpkins, and witches are VERY appealing to me right now!


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