The Headless Horseman!

    When thinking up ideas for new Autumn and Halloween art, I had an idea to paint a scene inspired by the spooky Washington Irving story about the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. It seemed to suit me perfectly– given my Dutch ancestry that goes back to the area and the fact that well, I love a good scary story!

    This painting shows a young couple, perhaps meeting on the lane near her house to make plans and promises, when they are startled by the sound of hooves in the distance and the bone chilling sight of the headless horseman and his spooky stead.

   One thing I really wanted to do with this painting— aside from trying my hand at a horse– was work on a bit of architecture and homey halloween decor. I love old New England homes, and the thought of one out in the woods with candles and jack-o-lanterns in the window and bittersweet on the front door seemed lovely. 

    I’m pretty pleased with this piece though and I think it came out a success! I documented the work on this piece on instagram (see side bar to look through my pics) and it sold within moments of being completed and shared, which I am very happy about!

   But don’t fret, this will definitely become a print and probably part of the halloween postcard set as well. I want to get enough halloween art created to have a fun autumn party here come Sept 1st like we did last year, and then you know…on to Christmas!

I am enjoying a bit of spookiness, even if it is summer still around here. There is just something so thrilling and fun about Autumn and the art that goes with it. It’s a bit of a childhood indulgence and a celebration of traditions and legends that are so deeply rooted in our American past.

And who knows, perhaps on Halloween, on some dark lane in Sleepy Hollow…the headless horseman will ride again!~!!

11 thoughts on “The Headless Horseman!

  1. Muaaahhhhahahaha!! EEEEEEK! This piece is fabulous! Erin, you are so lucky to be the proud owner! I love the setting in New England and the story of the young couple startled in the night from the township legend ghost rider! Can you really imagine what that would feel like??? LIke you, I have always loved those spooky legends and stories too. I am so glad that there will be prints available!


  2. Ooh..! This wonderful painting I really really love! the feeling of mystery, spookiness…the very romantic touch, the house..and I get a nostalgic feeling of deep love…you know! that picture of the man..he looks in some way very much like an old boyfriend of mine (smiles)!And you have to look into my blog and see what wonderful pets we got in our house for the moment. motherless three very along the road, Lycke


  3. wow, somebody here is already thinking of halloween! :)there's an autumnal breeze blowing from your blog now, with all those gorgeous pumpkin paintings 🙂 love the painted works – you chose a wonderful story as a base for it. it's great to know there's something deeper behind a piece of art. the evening blue shading is amazing!


  4. This is one fabulous painting, Heather! You did an AMAZING job with it!!!! 🙂 Are you familiar with the new show in the fall – I love the historical mixed with modern take on the tale. Hope it turns out as good as the previews look. 🙂


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