Little Princes

  So, like any good English loving American, I was following the news on the royal baby closely these past couple weeks as the due date came and went, anxious to know if it would be a boy or girl and what the name would be.
  On Monday, when I read that the duchess was finally in labor, I went to the grocery store and bought myself a big decadent pastry and set it aside until the news came that she’d had a boy and then I sat myself down with some tea and ate the whole darn thing myself!
   It was so nice to have something joyous in the news for a change, wasn’t it? Something to look forward to with happy anticipation?
   And I’m also looking forward to seeing the baby boy clothes that this little prince will be sporting, since we’re expecting our own little prince this winter and the clothing choices for boys I’m seeing seem, well, few and far between.
   I don’t want to dress my little baby in cartoon characters. He’ll have time enough for branding 😉 I went into a baby store recently and they had display after display of gorgeous baby girl dresses. And a couple of puny racks of ‘boyish’ onesies. Now, that’s not fair!
   So I left the store and walked next door to the yarn store, where I met an Englishwoman who worked there and we dished Royal Baby and picked out boy colored yarn. If they dont sell it, knit it, I suppose!

   Well, off to start the morning!~
Hoping there will be some time for painting and knitting…

11 thoughts on “Little Princes

  1. How exciting to prepare for your own little prince, Heather. I agree – there really aren't good choices for boys' clothes. Too many sporty and cartoony themes. I know whatever you knit will be perfect for your little guy. How fun to be 'nesting' this fall and winter. 🙂


  2. I bet you will be able to make up for shopping with knitting! Cute sweaters and vests will jazz up all sorts of jeans and shirts! Can't wait to see what yarns you find and it,s you craft!


  3. Definitely nice to hear good news! ♥ I hope he gets some hand knits, too. It's true seems there are SO many cute girl things and less boy. My husband says it seems there are so many things he likes in the boy department, but not so in the men's department!


  4. I was going to say….something but then I saw the comment about smocked romper and I kid you not, every other thought flew out of my head. All I can say is smocked romper. I might start using that as a kind of greeting: How are you today? SMOCKED ROMPER.(promise I haven't been drinking. just having a case of the sillies 🙂


  5. What a fun post. I will admit that I was hoping that the royal baby would be a girl, but a future king is just fine, too. 🙂 Did you notice that Kate was wearing a polka dotted dress when she shared little George with the world – just as Diana wore a polka dotted dress when she shared William?


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