It’s been an usually busy week here this past week, and I’m ready for my quieter routine. We did vacation Bible school every morning and then there have been birthday parties, weddings, and back to school shopping.
  One thing I am thankful for is the unseasonably cool weather (for August in Oklahoma!) Saturday morning we all sat on the front porch enjoying the morning chill– makes me really look forward to fall!
   Hollyhock season has faded here, and I’ve been gathering seeds for planting this fall. I have these pretty ruffly pink ones, and some darker pink as well. If anyone is interested in doing a seed swap, let me know! I’d love to get some different colors going in the garden. I had planted some of the black variety at the old house, but I dont think any of them came up. So strange…well, maybe they’ll bloom there next summer? Wouldn’t that just be my luck? 😉
  Working on a couple of commissions now and also thinking of doing my fall show here on the blog and my etsy shop. I’ve got plans for new prints and postcards, and hopefully some more originals too! Once school starts I’ll really get some momentum! Can’t wait!~


3 thoughts on “Hello!~

  1. Your Hollyhocks are so pretty! I bet they really enhance a flower display in your yard too. Cool on your front porch? Lucky you!! I think everyone is glad when the intense heat of summer vanishes. And if Autumn came a bit early this year??? Well, you will hear a hurrah from way down here in Florida! It is exciting to think about your Fall show coming up next month sometime. Maybe it will happen during a nice patch of cooler weather where we can all virtually \”join in\” on your front porch for morning coffee and \”see\” what is new in the shop.


  2. I tried planting some black hollyhocks. Started them from seed inside and the planted them in the garden and got no where. In fact, everything I started from seed inside, eventually died horrible deaths. Maybe I'll get lucky and those hollyhocks will come up next year.blessings~*~


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