Someday Plans: The Carriage House

   So did I tell you about this cool building we have in our backyard? And about my future schemes for it? Well, when we bought this house, we also got this big brick building in the back yard with a garage on bottom and an apartment up top. This is no tiny garage building either— each floor is 1300 sq. feet, the garage is really large and has several sorta creepy back storage rooms and then there is an apartment upstairs that is actually larger than the house we moved out of. We call it (rather poshly) the carriage house.

   Right now my younger brother is our tenant up there– which is nice because Audrey gets to see her uncle all the time and  play with his wiemaraner mix, Drifter. Luckily my brother shares my love of old timey things and is a good tenant. Plus, I can always call his mama and daddy if I need to, haha!

   In the distant future though, after this little baby is hatched and is more independent (a few years from now) and my brother moves on to his own home, our ultimate plan is to make the apartment into my art studio and a bit of a gallery/store space. I imagine just jaunting out my back door, dogs jaunting behind, and heading up there to paint and then opening the space up during certain times of the year for holiday open houses. Doesn’t that sounds fabulous?

   I love the idea of all this being just in the back yard– so that if I need to go do some laundry in between, I can, and I wont be tied to a distant location away from my house, and still be very flexible for school schedules and things like that. This is just another reason why it seems this house and this place is so perfect for us, it’s got everything we need— even space to grow my business.

   So what do you think? Would you come to a little Audrey Eclectic shop in a little brick carriage house? I’m already envisioning an old fashioned sign hanging above the door. But there is still plenty of time for this, and I’ve got years really, to scheme. It will be nice for now to work out of a room in the house while the baby is small, so that we can remain in the comfort of home. But the opportunity to grow, and for it to be within my reach (it’s just out in the back yard!) is exciting. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store!


26 thoughts on “Someday Plans: The Carriage House

  1. oh, it's wonderful, Heather!and yes, I can imagine it all as you've described!and yes, if I were closer, I would Love to come to Audrey Eclectic in the Carriage House~C.Congratulations again on your soon to be new little man in the house, I am so very happy for you all, Heather.


  2. Oh, I love this building!! Yes, a studio with gallery would be fabulous for your business and family. And you betcha, I will come and visit! Planes fly to Tulsa everyday so there the distance is not and impediment. But, honestly, I plan to visit before a few years! I so want to visit Lindsborg so there is a good reason to take in a visit with you and \”Dalaville\” at the same time! When you open your new studio, it will be just the perfect reason to come back!


  3. Oh my goodness, Heather, I could not imagine a more perfect place for you! Everything you described here is completely wonderful. And I would DEFINITELY come to an open house whenever you're ready to head down that road.


  4. Oh I would come if I loved a tiny bit closer:)What a great idea Heather, and what an AMAZING building!!!! your home is SO lucky to have you because I know you will preserve its charm!!! And vise-versa!!!


  5. I would love to come to an Audrey Eclectic art show in your carriage house! I think your ideas for how to use the space are fabulous. I have a shed in my back garden that I want to turn into my studio, but i have a lot of cleaning out and then fixing up to do to make it work. blessings~*~


  6. Yes, we'll have to arrange a ramble up to Lindsborg, that would be so fun! I know youd love it, although you're going to see 'the real thing' very soon!


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