Spooky Commission and Silly Kitty

   Earlier this week I finished this painting for my friend Patricia with three witches representing her and her two daughters. She wanted to painting packed full of Halloween goodness, and I hope I delivered! From ghosts in the cemetery to crows, owls, bats, moons and pumpkins, this painting is packed with spookiness!

  I love autumn things and Im so excited to see pumpkin flavored things coming out– room sprays! candles! Now I’m just waiting for the lotions and the coffee. Why cant it smell like pumpkin all year round? 

   Well, this painting has arrived safely in its new home and now it’s on to my ‘big and epic’ plans for the Autumn Gathering party. I’ve had a few bloggy friends ask if we’ll do a blog hop too, and I’m up for it if you are 🙂 the more the merrier!~

   I am still taking requests for commissions but if you have been thinking about having one done for Christmas, these next few weeks will be the prime time to do it. In December I’ve got 2 craft shows and as I’ll be 8 or so months pregnant by then, I’ll be slowing down to enjoy the holidays and prepare for baby’s arrival.

  And speaking of babies— look at this little face? Doesn’t he look so sweet? Well, he’s got himself into a big fix– about 30 minutes after I snapped this picture of him looking in from the front porch, this little kitty decided to climb the biggest tree in the whole yard—an old oak that I’d totally believe was planted back when this house was built in 1916– and now he’s stuck. We’ve called and cooed and begged. He just howls down at us as if he was plunked up there by space aliens with no idea how he got there. Even the cat across the street has come over and called for him to come down.

Surely, surely, he will eventually get motivated to do it himself. There is no way we can reach him, he’s a good 20 or so feet up off the ground. This cat stirs up so much drama, you’d think he was a girl 😉

   Well, back to arting and hoping that he comes down soon….hope you enjoyed seeing the painting and have a wonderful weekend!~

11 thoughts on “Spooky Commission and Silly Kitty

  1. Oh, poor silly kitty! Hope he comes down soon.I love your new autumn painting! I love fall, too. Autumn and winter are my seasons. I have had pumpkin coffee recently, and we had pumpkin cheesecake at Olive Garden the other night. I'm with you on pumpkin smells! Pumpkin everything is perfect.


  2. Pumpkin everything IS perfect!! I do love the new autumn commissioned painting. All of the wonderful Halloween details are just perfect. I love the crescent moon over the little country church and churchyard with spooky happenings! So fun and so totally October 31!That kitty! Why do they do such things?? Hopefully he will come down when he gets hungry enough. In the meantime maybe the neighbor's cat can talk some sense into him! LOL@ Have a wonderful weekend too!!


  3. ååh dear you! what an adorable painting!!! I´m sure they love it so so much. I would. and I understand you love the time coming. it´s taking it´s way into my heart too now. at last more inside than out 🙂 raining today. hope the kitty was well..love Lycke


  4. I'd love to join the autumn blog hop. it's a good idea 🙂 is it going to be on the same day as your Autumn Gathering? the 7th Sept? If so, I'd better hurry up with my autumn makes! Gorgeous painting. the starry moon-lit sky is just fabulous!


  5. I hope your kitty is okay by now! :-(I love that painting you did for Patricia! I really need to have you paint a Halloweeny portrait of my kitty cat one of these days… I think it would come out spectacular! Now that I'm back from vacation, and summer is winding to a close, I am completely in Halloween mode now 🙂 Next weekend I'm going to start making new gravestones for my front lawn. I can't wait!


  6. I love my painting, Heather! All the fun little details like the bat hanging from my hat (!) and the church with the red door make it so special. Thank you so much- it's been a huge hit with the family. I'm so ready for Autumn too- and in fact last week bought a pumpkin scented air freshener! 🙂 And I definitely think Erin should have a Halloween inspired painting of Lola! 🙂


  7. Glad your little kitty is finally free from the tree. Silly kitty. I adore your commission – full of autumn fun! 🙂 If I had enough money for a commission, I would have you do one up for me. I think a witchy-steampunkish thing would be cool. Maybe in the future… I agree with you – pumpkin should be a yearlong scent! I adore it in EVERYTHING!


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