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Well first and foremost— I happy to report that the cat got out of the tree! And hasn’t been too interested in getting back up ๐Ÿ˜‰ he was up there for hours, then at about 7:30 that evening he got sick and tired of it– I stood under the tree calling to him and he crawled down the branch until it was too small to hold his weight– then he struggled to hang on (Envision ‘hang in there!’ kitty poster here) and then fell– and I caught him! It was a relief for all of us!

Lately though we’ve been in that ‘just before school starts’ stupor where the summer has worn out its welcome, and Audrey is totally tired of being home with me. We are all so excited that school starts TOMORROW and even more excited that she’ll have one of my very very favorite teachers for first grade!It’s going to be so fun for her, and I know that as she really starts to learn to read she’ll get so excited about learning. And I know her teacher will make it a special year for her— she’ll be reading to her little brother in no time!

And speaking of the brother-in-progress, I’ve been knitting ever so often and am knitting up a little baby cardigan (I’m just winging it…I am terrible with patterns) out of some yarn I got at A Fiber Christmas In July. The multicolored yarn is sort of beachy in tone and soothing and very boyish. I’m really enjoying knitting these little things, and am glad to make them because they’re little. Little equals quick, well, allegedly. Im also working on a loosely knitted baby blanket (my first blanket, ever) in red, blues and creams. Totally ‘British Baby.’ I’d also love to have a knitted nursing shawl type thing for when he arrives. The fabric ones I’ve seen are kinda…I dont know. They look like an apron slung around your head ๐Ÿ˜‰ I want something more “Tasha Tudor and Baby” lol. So, uh, if any of you shawl knitting readers ever wanna do a trade….I’m up for it! The only shawl I’ve knitted was very short— I ran out of yarn, and space on my needles!

ย  ย Well, Im going to get a few things done so I can treat myself to a day of painting tomorrow! Hello, school year! I’ve missed you so!!

8 thoughts on “Around Here…

  1. Hello from Ivalo, Finland where kit is Thursday morning and about 49 degrees!! Perfect back to school weather up here above the Arctic Circle in Lapland!! I hope Audrey enjoys her first day back with old friends and a new classroom too. Summer just gets \”old\” come August and it is time to get a new infusion of routine to mix things up. Enjoy your day in your studio painting and planning for the next weeks. Your baby sweater is very sweet and I love the yarn textures and colors. Can't wait to see a photo with it being worn!!Enjoy your first day of Back to School! Next up? The Autumn Gathering! I wish I could package up the weather here and bring it back for September 7. This is definitely porch sitting weather with Pumpkin Spice coffee and a certain lovely knitted ear warmer on!!!


  2. I love that side table in your living room! Still feels like the depths of summer here…hot and my kids aren't back to school for 2 more weeks. They are both as fed up as I am of not being at school. We'll see how long that lasts once they're back. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Hello from the Arctic Ocean along the tip of northern Norway! Can I just say thank God for Dramamine ??? Oh how this ship has been pitching back and forth the past 15 hours!!! It is rainy, very windy and flat out cold! Can I just say that my knitted ear warmers have been a life saver from the cutting wind?? Lots of very tiny fishing villages here along the coast but we are talking remote!! This ship is their lifeline for supplies and shipping caught fish from the packaging plants. This is cod country for all those fish and chip orders around the world!! I hope you are getting some studio time with the new school year. Oh huh, those little witchy feet in your Instagram were adorable!! Two weeks from today is the Autumn Gathering and I am excited! Right now, I just want to get my feet on steady ground and get off this ship!! My email is not working so just wanted to let you know I cannot receive messages in email but you can write me for this blog, I think! Did I mention we are truly out in the Arctic Ocean away from the comforts of our tech oriented lives??? I see a patch of sun! Maybe there is hope for better sailing!


  4. Wow, Winnie!! You're on the Arctic Circle! That is amazing! I knew Norway would be cold, especially up north! So glad the ear warmers are coming in handy, sounds like they're getting put to work!Hope you get to get off the boat and walk on some firm ground soon. I am so bad about getting motion sick, I dont know if I could handle it! Thanks for checking in, I love hearing about your Scandinavian adventures!


  5. Wow, 49 degrees! That's coat weather around here ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you're enjoying your trip and having wonderful adventures, what a trip of a lifetime! And when you get back it will be autumn, at least to us, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have an amazing time!


  6. I cannot believe you are creating that cardigan from scratch, Heather! It's AWESOME! And I love the colors you've selected. It's quite here – nursing a late summer cold (just in time for my first day of work at my new job!) and trying to catch up and prepare things for the new week. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


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