Waiting and knitting, 20 weeks

   Today marks the halfway point in expecting little cuddle-baby-covered-in-knitwear. It feels very fast and slow all at once. We tell Audrey “He’ll come after Halloween, after Thanksgiving, After Christmas…” I’m sure that’s an eternity to her 😉
   It’s hard to imagine a little baby in the house again after all this time, but I can’t wait to see his little face (Why couldnt we be like kangaroos? Then I could peek in at his little face and let him keep cookin’). I’m also curious about what it will be like to have a boy in this place— where we are a bit heavy on the pink and ballerinas and dolls. But I’m sure once he’s here, we wont know what we ever did without him.

   Of course thinking of my baby makes me think of mothers of days long past and their wait for their babies. I’m sure there was probably a lot of knitting going on there as well 😉 Think of all the little babies born down the centuries that led to us being here. That’s a lotta babies!

  But here and now, at 20 weeks with 20 (or so) weeks to go, I’m starting to feel some tap tap tapping and he’s not much trouble, goes where mama goes, enjoys some Mexican food as often as he can. We’ll have to wait til winter to see that little face, but I don’t mind.

   I’ll just keep painting til then– and knitting~

17 thoughts on “Waiting and knitting, 20 weeks

  1. Awww…the baby wait was such an exciting time for us (we have FOUR now *cough*!) I was just arranging baby books for my younger ones the other day, marveling at their baby pictures and mementos. I'm only 9 years late! 🙂


  2. You'll still be heavy on the dolls and pink, but that's okay. He'll just get to be dressed up by his big sister and you'll have lots of blackmail photos when he gets older. Boys are definitely different. Happy for you!


  3. Yes, a boy will be different! We have three daughters, and our first grandchild was a boy. It took some rethinking for me.:-) This one came knowing just exactly what kind of sound a car makes when it goes! Just as much as he is \”all boy,\” his little sister is \”all girl!\” I hope the remaining half of your waiting will go smoothly.


  4. How sweet! (Although something about the idea of being kangaroo-like and peaking at the baby creeped me out, ha ha) 🙂 I'm glad the pregnancy has been smooth-sailing. What a beautiful, exciting time for you all. ♥


  5. It looks like there is a nice bit of knitting piling up in the basket for the new arrival!!! Half way is exciting because the fall always goes quickly so the time won't drag along during the second half. Seeing that new face for the first time is so exciting!!!Today we are docked and did a tour of Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. What a beautiful city nestled in the fjords since 997!!! We are talking Viking kinda old with statues of early Viking founders and leaders, including our Leif Eriksen. Tomorrow we arrive in Bergen which is a large seaport city and the second largest city in Norway. It is also the home town of Warren's grandfather. Today is sunny after yesterday's rain, windy, and rocky seas !! It should be another scenic day down the coastline .


  6. Good Morning Heather! I had to laugh at your comments in Instagram about the weather!!! What is up with that baking heat??? Isn't that just the way it goes in late August and September?? Just when you think you can't stand another day of heat, they forecast another record breaking week!! At present we are sailing towards Bergen where we finally get off this boat. Last night was stormy and we really tossed about for many hours. I am happy to finally being getting onto solid ground again although the fjords are quite beautiful! I just don't have any sea legs so to speak !! LOL!! Yesterday in one of the towns we walked about, there was a small business that had a pot of purple mums and a small pumpkin out on the front steps!!! I was so excited!! Someone in Norway also has that fall fever and knows how to greet the new season like we love to do. The coffee here is limited and I bet we could introduce Pumpkin Spice flavor and it would be a hit!! I just bet there would be an interest in a little store front with AudreyEclectic autumn paintings and witches. When you went inside,there would be a caraf of coffee with pumpkin spice coffee to enjoy while you browse!! Hmmmmm, I am imagining witches with Scandinavian motif dresses and penifores in fall colors!! Scandinavian Obscession Halloween style !!! Or maybe you could paint lady trolls in Halloween garb ? I just betcha they would fly out of the studio . We are supposed to see more stores selling trolls in Bergen and Oslo which I am anxious to see. There has not been many trolls in these tiny fishing towns along the rugged coast.


  7. I remember the waiting for my little one. Watching my belly grow and wondering who this baby will be. Enjoy the waiting, my friend. Before you know it, your beautiful boy will be here.


  8. Dear Heather,Yay for babies! Mine is due the end of October, so we may have a Halloween baby on our hands. 🙂 I do hope that you're keeping cool in the heat this summer!Love,Marqueta


  9. Lovely thoughts in the post. Your waiting for the baby is such a fruitful time full of crafts, books and chill. You will love the blue. I'm sure.Mexican food for the baby? Together is bueno! (it's from a tv old el paso fajita advert ;P )


  10. Im guessing by now you're in Bergen, such a beautiful city!! I've seen it on Rick Steves, of course 😉 all those beautiful buildings all lined up in colorful rows. Hope you get to do TONS of shopping and find some cute Christmas trolls! Your meeting with Warren's family is soon, right? Hope its a great visit!And yes, I need to open a shop up there to escape to in summer months, and we will share the love of pumpkin spice coffee with the locals!


  11. I loved waiting for my babies, all four of them, and sometimes wish I hadn't stopped there. And some few years down the line now I expect they'll be waiting for their own babies! Enjoy this baby growing time Heather x


  12. Oh, I know that feeling… It's so exciting!I also can't wait to see our baby, but at the same time I don't want to rush the time.I want to soak up every minute.


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