Autumn mini folk paintings!

      Just wanted to give you a little preview of some teensy tiny little paintings that will be available during the Autumn Gathering shop debut on Sept. 7! All of these paintings, plus tons more fall goodies, will make be added to my etsy shop, ready to find new homes!

    All of these paintings were created on 4×4″ wide paneled canvases, so they’re chunky and cute and perfect for tucking into all sorts of places— autumn baskets, the mantle, a bookcase, or a bowl filled with spicey fall potpourri! 

   I think they turned out really sweet and look great in a group, or all on their own! I hope you stop by on Saturday the 7th and see what all I’ve got cooked up for you! It’ll be a fun day— also, if you’d like to take part in an autumn blog party that day, I’ll have a widget to link us all together and we can all go trick-or-treating at each other’s blog to get in the mood for fall 🙂 So if you’d like to take part in that, just have your autumn post ready by the 7th, come here that day and link your post to the widget (which will appear in my Sept 7th blog post) and we’ll have a grand ol’ time!

    As for me, Im busy getting the witch dolls finished up, trying to finish one last painting, and am headed to pick up my prints fresh from the printer this morning! I love this time of year for creating!~

    Have a good weekend!~

11 thoughts on “Autumn mini folk paintings!

  1. These mini paintings are the cutest ever!! I love that they are perfect alone or with other decorations too. Looking forward to Saturday September 7th and seeing what everyone is up to and of course getting some new fall goodies to enjoy myself! We arrived in Oslo today and will be here now until we leave for home on TUESDAY!!!! it has been beautiful cool weather everyday and just feels so much like fall each morning. I sure will miss this when I get home to 90+ degrees in Florida!


  2. These are really sweet and cute painted squares – they look really good in a group and so nice in your beautiful photos. Add candles and it will be a wowser decoration :)Sadly, it seems like I'll be only an onlooker in the coming autumn blog party. The date is a bit too early for me, I hoped for some time between Sept and Oct, more towards Halloween day. I've planned a lot to make for this season: some autumn cards, bake some apple crumble and make apple cards plus start a halloween cross stitch but with the 3rd Sept back at work, there's not a chance I could create much during this oncoming 1st week back at work. So I'll come and admire this time 🙂


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