Bubble, bubble toil and trouble: the witch dolls are done!

    I am so so happy to be able to show you these three ladies, although you may have seen the process by which they came to life via instagram! I’d like you to meet Mehitable Hauntingsworth, Phoebe Moonshine and Kitty Goodespell— three little witches who are looking for homes to fly off to come September 7!

   The are cloth bodied dolls, hand painted, hand sewn (varying between machine stitched and hand stitched in different areas) their dresses and bodies are all coffee stained for a rich aged hue and delightful smell and their hair is raw sheep fibers from different little sheepies– my favorite part because it makes the dolls so real.

   The hair is felted on with a felting needle, so there’s no glue or sewing involved. Their little faces are all hand painted and crackled to make them look aged. I’m so pleased with how they turned out, from their hats all the way to their pointy black boots!

Kitty Goodespell 

Mehitable Hauntingsworth

Phoebe Moonshine

All three of these ladies will be available at the Autumn Gathering sale in my etsy shop this coming Saturday (Sept. 7) Im still working on things and have more to debut! There will also be some fresh fall prints available! It’ll be a grand ol’ time!~

Til next time– Happy SEPTEMBER!!!

15 thoughts on “Bubble, bubble toil and trouble: the witch dolls are done!

  1. Fantastic witchy girls!!! I love all of them! They are so adorable with their wild hair and fancy dresses. I will be flying home tomorrow and I cannot wait to get back home and dig into fall preparations and get ready for the Autumn Gathering!! Go Finnair and bring me home!!


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