Adoptable Tomtens!

    I’ve been a busy little Tomten making bee this week, making ornaments for Indie Emporium (which opens TOMORROW!) but I also saved some for you, my little blog friends, so that you might have a tomten of your very own!
   Each Tomten is sewn, hand painted, beard felted and given the spark of life by me! And each comes with his own Swedish name and a little card explaining the magic of what a tomten is. Tomtens are very special little guys to have around, and although I’ve made these for the holidays, you can sure keep them around all year! Shy and quiet, they will most likely keep out of sight as they stand guard over your children, pets and home. And who knows, if you leave them a bit of hot porridge on Christmas Eve, they may leave you a treat in thanks!

   The tomtens are $10 each, plus $2.50 for shipping (so you’ll be invoiced for $12.50) If you’d like to have one, just leave me a message here in the comments, plus your PAYPAL email address. At this time, I’ll only be able to do transactions through paypal for the sake of speed. Just tell me the name/number of the little guy you’d like (and be sure no one else in the comments has claimed him!) and I’ll send you an invoice.

   Well, back to the Christmas workshop!~! Thanks for your visit!~

All Have Been Adopted! Thank You!~

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