A busy day!: Indie Emporium and St. Lucia Day!

   Today is a busy and festive day! Not only is it the first day of Indie Emporium this evening, but it also the feast day of St. Lucia!
   I’m busy putting on the last few beards on tomtens (who else can say that?) and then we’ll finish packing the truck and head over to the AHHA in downtown Tulsa. Doors open at 7 pm and there are some amazing goodie bags for the first 100 or so customers in the door!
   The show continues tomorrow— 12-10 pm, and it’ll be a busy and festive day downtown with lots going on, including the Holiday Parade!
   As show season winds down I’m thinking this may be my last show for a while. Craft show schedules are not the easiest with little babies, and so I may be sitting out 2014 as a vendor, but you know I’ll shop! So…if you’re local and you’d like some Audrey Eclectic fun in person— this may be the last chance for a while!

  But it IS the 13th and so we can’t forget St. Lucia! The bringer of light and delicious treats! Hers is such a lovely tradition in Sweden. (Want to learn more? Visit this link)
   I didn’t really go all-out with anything St. Lucia this year. Honestly, its enough work just getting on my snow boots (the only shoes I have left that are comfortable!) but next year we’ll do it up right!

  So have a very merry and lovely St. Lucia Day and if you’re in Tulsa— maybe I’ll see you at Indie Emporium!~

PS: thanks to all who adopted a tomten yesterday! They all have homes now, hurray!!

3 thoughts on “A busy day!: Indie Emporium and St. Lucia Day!

  1. When baby brother gets to be 2 or 3, Audrey can dress up as St. Lucia and bring him and Dad hot chocolate and buns in the dark hours of early dawn! Or that pastry that you were making last year( I forgot the name)? God Jul!!


  2. Love how much you teach me about Scandinavian traditions. I remember St. Lucia day from the Arthur Christmas special when I was a kid, always thought it was so cool.


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