In my Christmas nest…

    Well, I am pleased to report that my craft show season has come an end with the fun of Indie Emporium, and now I am ready to get in my little Christmas nest and await my little Christmas bundle. The show was good, and I saw lots of new and old friends– and once again the Swedish Christmas items were great conversation starters! I am also proud that I was able to do all these shows with not too much difficulty, aside from just being big, and a huge thanks goes to my sweetheart for that, he was so much help xoxox.

   The morning after Indie I was of course up early cleaning my house in a fit of “gotta get this done before I have this baby!” and now I’m ready to just curl up and await Christmas and all the loveliness that it will bring.
   I went ahead and closed my etsy shop for right now, just to ensure that if I do go into labor early, I wont leave anyone hanging on their Christmas orders. The last orders have gone out, and I’m sure they’ll reach their destinations by Christmas (knock on wood!)

   Anyhow, I wish you the merriest of Christmases and Happy Holidays. Thank you for coming here and reading and enjoying the art! I cant wait to see what 2014 brings!~


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