January Schemes

     I’m still here and I’m still scheming! No baby yet, alas! he will soundly be a January baby. Maybe an Epiphany baby? That sounds nice, doesnt it? I keep telling him it does 🙂

    I am antsy for a project now (I know, I know, I’m about to embark on a huge project, but til then….) and I’ve got some big ideas for 2014. Namely, I’m REALLY going to start delving into my book illustration project that I’ve been stewing over for months now. The story is written, and I’ve been working on revising it. Also bought a new notebook to work out illustration ideas and so far, its been fun!

   I’ve realized that (simply enough) it you don’t just start, nothing will happen. Funny how easy that is, right? But I really believe in this little story I’ve written, and I think you’ll like it. And there will be some fun wintery scenes to illustrate. I cant wait to get going on the real paintings!

   This time of year seems perfect for all these new endeavors— a new year is a chance for a fresh start and new expectations. I’m looking forward to all these new changes. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever, but I know babyhood will go so fast. With a first baby you’re just trying to do the best you can and hope you get through it. People tell you it goes fast, but there’s a nervousness to the whole process.  Are you doing it right? How did anyone trust you to take this tiny creature home? How do you make it through those rough early days, is there even an end in sight?

   With this second baby, you know that yes— there are rough patches but you get through them. But there are so many little blessed moments and I’m going to really watch and take these moments in. Chances are, I wont break him and he’ll eventually sleep through the night. Those soft baby rolls melt into kid legs so fast, and I’m going to enjoy mama-baby snuggles as long as I can. And also take advantage of the fact that he cant protest yet about all the hats I’ve made for him.

   So— here we go. Let’s charge ahead into 2014, shall we? I cant wait for you to come along too. And I wish you such a wonderful new year. No matter if you had a rough 2013 or a rough start to this season of change— I hope that this is a year of unexpected and beautiful things for you. You never know where a year will take you! So here we go— let’s begin!~


8 thoughts on “January Schemes

  1. That sketch is gorgeous I look forward to all the changes you are going to likely be sharing on your blog in the next few months. Books and baby boys! So much sweetness and happiness!


  2. It sounds like you have chosen a perfectly restful project to keep you entertained until your baby arrives. Try to get settled in comfortably and enjoy being in your own little fictional world.


  3. What an invitation to jump on board! I'm TOTALLY in for the ride!! Your book idea and the little sketches have captured my interest and I am looking forward to how this project moves forward. I remember once you mentioned here about writing and illustrating children's books and what better place to start than with prairie Tomtes. Don't you bet that those Swedish immigrants who settled up in Lindsborg had a Tomte or two that snuck into trunks and came along for the adventure to America? No doubt about it at all in my mind! (grin) I mean how else could those farms be protected? Who else would look over the animals during fierce winter blizzards? Who else would make sure that ALL the necessary Swedish pieces were in place to start new lives in what seemed like such a God forsaken place in the middle of nowhere? I can't wait to see the paintings that go along with it! And, please give those of us who need it plenty of time to get a decent plane fare to your book signing because I wouldn't miss it for the world!


  4. I send along my wishes for a happy 2014! January is sure to bring you that new little bundle of joy! I see some sleep deprivation in your future.:-) Sending hugs!


  5. I have truly enjoyed this post enormously, dear Heather! On reading your words I wished we could live closeby to each other as we seem to have a lot in common. This year I really want to start working on a book project too. It's always been my dream of mine. And yes, you are right: one needs to start somewhere. However, what blocks me is the weighty matter of finding a publisher. My youngest daughter is a January child. Oh, the happy memories of those snowy homebound days with the promise of spring to come. I wish you much joy, peace and inspiration this year. I'm looking forward to seeing how your projects evolve.Stephanie


  6. Though I only have one baby, I do think if I had another baby I would be more relaxed and know what to do. I hope your beautiful January boy comes soon for you, my friend.The book project idea looks wonderful. Please keep us posted as it progresses.


  7. Congratulations on your baby, Heather! Robbie! I love it. Like a Holly Hobbie boy. 🙂 Your daughter must be having fun today too–The new Big Sis! ♥ Hearty congratulations!


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