Baby Is Here!~!

      It’s been a bit quiet around here, hasn’t it? Well that’s because….. He’s here! Our little boy is now here to snuggle and we’ve been enjoying all these new moments with him 🙂
     Robert— Robbie, as well call him— came early in the morning on January 10. I’m so so grateful that the process of his arrival was pretty calm and quick. Thursday evening I was finishing off a little knitted hat and by that night we knew someone had made up his mind to finally come and at 5:13 a.m. the next morning, Robbie made his debut!

     This little one had no idea how many people were so eagerly awaiting him! And he did end up coming 3 days early and to our surprise, only weighed one ounce more than his sister! He’s got big bright eyes just like his daddy– and is named after both his grandpas and his daddy. He’s such a sweetheart and chirps like a little chicken. So far, things are going well and we’re trying to get into a routine (as much as possible) and be as laid back and calm as possible.

    Soon he’ll be joining me in the little crib in the art room and we’ll make lots of new pretty things! Feeling so lucky and grateful these days and loving every bit of this little sweetheart. Audrey is also an excellent big sissy, and can’t wait to show him how fun it is to be a kid!~

    Talk with you again soon–

28 thoughts on “Baby Is Here!~!

  1. Congratulations, to all of you and Welcome to your handsome little man~ he is very sweet and I'm sure you and he are having wonderful cuddle and snuggle timestogether.blessings to you and your dear little family, Heather!


  2. very wonderful, and how lovely he so much congratulations to you..wish you so much happy days and love and all good happy for you..*+*+***almost that one is starting to think..they are so Lycke


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