a quick hello

  Hello there! Just thought I’d stop by and let you know that we’re doing fine, lots of winter cuddles and trying to figure out this thing called ‘life with a baby.’ Still trying to get into a routine– some days are better than others. Some days he’s feeling good and napping well, others…not so much 😉 But over all, Robbie is such a sweet and lovable little guy. Looks, he even lets his mama check her knitting progress on his little noggin. How cute is that???

   Some little treats we’ve been enjoying around the house include some homemade apple sauce, watching the “Christmas bulbs” grow at such a slow pace it could be spring before we actually see flowers, and loving all the kindness of friends and family who bring us food and come to visit– or give us special keepsakes like the beautiful necklace that my mom had made for me from The Vintage Pearl, shown above. It has Audrey and Robbie’s names and birthdays stamped in it, and a copper heart in the center– plus a pretty pearl (have I told you that lately Im liking pearls a lot? Must be my old age settling in…)

  Like many places across the US, its bitter cold here. There was a slight dusting of snow this morning, but it melted in record time. I feel like when the weather is this cold, its just useless if there isnt snow. Who wants bitter and brown? That’s no fun at all. And it was nearly 70 this weekend. Weather out here is crazy.

  Well, back into my nest I go! Hope all is well with you and yours, talk with you soon!~

15 thoughts on “a quick hello

  1. That photo of Audrey with Robbie is just precious!! I am so happy to hear that you have a more energy now that he is here too. January is a great time to also rethink the family meals to be easy, healthy and quick to make. The healthier diet will be better for everyone and it will give you more energy. As for quick bread, my suggestion is to get one of those bread box mixes that has everything you need, comes in several flavors, and usually always turns out great. They live near the cake and other quick bread boxes in your grocery store. Also, do you have Mrs. Schubert's rolls in your store's freezer section? They are homemade, delicious and there are several flavors. These also make great little rolls for \”sliders\” if you make some crock pot BBQ. Stay warm as everyone enjoys all of your knitting projects from the past Fall!!


  2. Sweet siblings! It's funny, when I looked at the photos before reading your post, I was reminded of a day spent home with my mom when I was sick, and my youngest sibling was a newborn. (I was 11). The warm sunlit house that winter, all cozy with the new baby, made me look forward to being a mommy someday. 🙂 This crockpot ham and white bean soup from Plain Chicken is delicious (and ridiculously easy) – great with cornbread: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/22025485649475712/ – or link to site, if Pinterest link doesn't work: http://www.plainchicken.com/2012/01/slow-cooker-ham-white-beans.html.


  3. Heather….congratulations! What joy to have such a wonderful addition to your family :0) Craving healthy foods is a good thing. Fresh bread and crock-pot recipes are just perfect for a new mami like you :0) I bake bread every other day… easy recipe: 3.5 cups of whole wheat flour and white flour (2 white – 1.5 whole wheat) 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 3 teaspoon of yeast, 3 tablespoon of veg oil and warm water. Proof the yeast, add the dry then the wet, mix well and knead the dough. First rise – 45 minutes…then knead and place on bread pan. Second rise – 25 minutes. Bake at 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Enjoy! :0) In His Love,Maria


  4. Love that applesauce recipe! Perfect antidote to a brown cold prairie day. Robbie is adorable in the latest hat and I love the colors. Your necklace from your Mom is beautiful and such a keepsake to enjoy wearing! February rolls in on Saturday so you know what that means…. warm air from the Gulf will start to rise up more frequently through the prairie and put Ole Man Winter on the run!!


  5. I'm almost jealous for your freezing weather! We have had such a mild January with cherry blossom popping out here and there. I think we may be having an icy February but winter doesn't bring snow every year here in the Loire Valley. Meanwhile after weeks of sunny weather we have had a lot of rain and the Loire is bursting its banks.Life with a newborn certainly keeps you on your toes. What a good thing it is that we love them so, so much!Warmest wishes from France,Stephanie


  6. What a beautiful baby boy you have, Audrey! I'm so happy you're both doing well.If it's not bitter cold here in Wisconsin, there's a blizzard outside. I know how you feel with all this crazy weather. It's definitely one of those rough winters all around. Keep warm!


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