The Pinkest of Pony Parties

    So this weekend Audrey had her 7th birthday party— seven! I can’t believe she’s such a big kid! To celebrate we combined two things that she absolutely loves; pink and ponies! I perused pinterest and got some great ideas, and then headed to the craft store for heaps of ribbon, scrap booking paper, and ofcourse– hot glue!
   To compliment the yummies and the pony decor, we used several of Audrey’s toy horses as decorations, and made tiny bunting for the cupcakes and cake. I think it came out really well! I even made each kid a ‘horse show ribbon’ for their favor. They may have been a little wonky, but hey! They were made in the USA, right? 😉
   Here’s a look at the set-up before it got devoured:

  Now that the pony party is over and Spring Break is in full swing, Audrey is attending horse riding camp during the day and loving it. I love that she has something that is so uniquely her that she is passionate about. I love seeing how excited she gets about horses, and how she has no fear around those huge animals. She helps groom them and feed them and rides them. My little cowgirl! A pink pony princess if there ever was one…

11 thoughts on “The Pinkest of Pony Parties

  1. What a perfect pony party complete with their own ribbons! You did a great job and I bet everyone loved having their own ribbon to hang in their room. Having raised two horse crazy girls myself, I totally get it about their passion and determination to have access to horses and riding at every opportunity. I was the same way as a child so I guess I had it coming to me! My oldest still has her Arab who is now 28 going on 29 and doing great!


  2. Heather, you are such a star when it comes to making things look gorgeous, stylish and totally lovely.In a thrift shop I found a little thing that I think you would like, so soon you will get mail from me 🙂


  3. Love, love, love this party set-up! You did an AMAZING job on those horse ribbons, Heather, and I adore the cake & little banner up top. I'm sure Audrey loves all the effort her creative Momma put into this splendid birthday. Happy 7th to your girl – my Audrey will be 7 in June. Oh, where did the time go?


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