The days are full now, what with baby and soccer practices, and trying to keep up with the ever-growing piles of laundry. I’m trying to not let the lurking panic attack over the state of my house creep up on me too much….its the reality of having a new baby and I know I need to be gentle with myself. But that spring cleaning bug sure has a hold on me, and I feel the need to paint (not just paintings, but on the crackling and peeling and scuffed bits around here) but it will all have to wait!

  Of course I came here to tell you thank you for entering the giveaway! The winning submission was from Janice, and now her print will be on its way to her in the UK! Thank you all who participated– there will be more in the future, of course! And you can find that print for sale in the shop too.

  As for me, I’m like these little pansies pressing my nose to the window ready for the weather to warm up so fun can begin. More time spent out on the porch, flowers blooming, trees leafing. I’m frankly done with dead brown winter, which still lingers in the chilly air. Time to go, winter. We will see you at the end of the year, and be excited for your return!

  Anyhow, we’re going to bundle up and trot to the post office to mail off a few orders and then come back home…to scheme and dream…and try to get another load of laundry done!
Til next time,

14 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Heather– Are you close to any academic programs where you could audit a class in the upper division or graduate program? Maybe being in a community of other learners would be helpful for a semester? There are schools too like The School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and something similar in Baltimore. Surely, there is such a program out in your states where maybe they do weekend seminars or artist retreats or something like that? With it being summer, maybe if you dig around the academic communities you will find a summer offering that would be affordable and also reasonably close. I think we all feel like we hit that plateau and need a push or help with finding the compass again. We all love what you do but you as an artist need to keep the inspiration alive. Perhaps you will be able to network with some other artists at RAW and find a group or event to join. I say keep your ears and eyes open, ask around, and put it out there in conversation that you are looking for some mentoring. Shyness be gone and cast that net out there!! Good Luck and keep us posted– we're cheering you on!


  2. Thanks Andrea, You're right, it is hard when it's all 'you.' All the good decisions and all the bad decisions, all yours to make! And thanks for the good luck wishes, I think it will be a great show!


  3. Winnie, Thanks so much for your support! I'm definitely going to look into some new things, a retreat or a class or something like that. I appreciate your suggestions and belief in me!~


  4. Hi Heather,I totally understand! I am a mother and student and I wish to do more drawing and painting this summer, but with kids and my classes, I don't even finish one drawing yet, though I know that it is my chance make a portfolio, since I will have too many classes next autumn. Keep it up!


  5. Your furry babies are just so darn cute! I want to cradle those faces and scratch their little heads. So cute! I've been a bit absent, too. Just now returning. Sometimes I wish I had a mentor, as well. Never know if I'm headed in the right direction. Well, just go with your gut… Have a wonderful Sunday!


  6. No kidding on the guidance. I had a rough May/June and kept thinking \”where am I going with all of this?!\” I haven't quite figured it all out, but I did attend a writers' meeting and that made me feel a little better. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that even though we work by ourselves there are other people out there doing the same thing. Onward and upward!


  7. Great shot! Laundry is the bane of my existence. If you can figure out how to stay on top of it, let me in on the secret! ;)Looks like spring will finally arrive to New England at the end of the week! It's been an extra long winter this year.


  8. Love the pansies in the window! It has been a long cold winter for everyone and even in Forida we saw 30s again last night! Quite unusual for late March. April will hopefully be a turn towards better weather for everyone. Congratulations to the print winner. Just in time for upcoming Easter decorating!


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