Original Painting: Winter Knitting

     Three cheers, the painting is done! For a while now I’ve wanted to do a knitting themed painting and finally— here it is! This is “Winter Knitting.” You’ll have to pardon the winter theme I’ll have going on in the next few months as I try to get a head-start on Christmas items. It is my *hope* to be ready for the Christmas season in a timely fashion and with a new baby (who is now suddenly very wiggly— the back bends and twists! So much wiggle!) the earlier I start, the better!

   My inspiration for this was just a cozy home scene showing a mama and her knitting work. Gotta get it done while the baby sleeps, right?! I am still very enamoured with ‘the cluttery home scene’ and enjoy putting in lots of little details like tea cups, wallpaper, and books on a shelf. I love little details within larger images (surely I’m not the only one who is looking through the book stacks of homes featured in magazines?).

   With this one completed, I’m thinking ahead to other holiday and winter themed pieces, and also slowly getting to work on my latest commission. School is now officially out for the summer and we’re getting into that new routine! I’ve been reading about Charlotte Mason and her teaching method, and so Audrey and I are trying out a Charlotte routine for our summer. We bought some workbooks for second grade and a fun art journal, and we’re thinking about starting a bird watching journal for all the little feathered friends that come to our feeder outside our big dining room windows. It’s keeping her busy and her mind engaged at least, which makes for a happy girl and happy mama. So far there hasnt been any groaning of “I’m booooorrredd!” because Mama sure has a stack of things for her to do (and “is your room clean?” is also a question that nips that in the bud!)

  As for me, I have a baby hat to finish up for a baby shower tomorrow, and other projects that need attention (there’s always something!)

  Oh, and I nearly forgot! We’ve tweeked the Audrey Eclectic Read Along group a bit to be more for the mamas (or daddys) than the kids– although kids are totally welcome! We are going to be reading Jane Eyre for our June book! I hope you can join us! 

Ok, baby fussing! must run!

6 thoughts on “Original Painting: Winter Knitting

  1. I never heard of Charlotte Mason. Now I am intrigued to see what her philosophy is about.I may have to join the Audrey Electric Read Along. I love Jane Eyre, so does my mom. I had this idea for two years to do a short film based on JE, too.The Winter knitting painting is lovely. I know you are busy with Robbie, how is your children's book coming along?


  2. Love,love,love this painting! All the delicious details and colors!!! And the knitting theme is so near and dear to my heart. I wonder what it would be like sitting in a rocker by the warm wood stove on a cold winter night?


  3. She is lovely in a Tasha type of kitchen 😉 I was showing your Art to my Hubby, and he said \”Wow there is something so real about them! They look so real\”! I felt proud for you! 😀 Many Blessings Linnie


  4. I LOVE the new piece. It is so snuggly and cozy. I sometimes enjoy slipping into different seasons randomly during the year, a bit of Halloween in April, Christmas in August 😉 I must admit I'm falling behind on the reading group but they're books I've enjoyed many times so hopefully I can contribute something!


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