June book for Audrey Eclectic Read-Along: Jane Eyre

We’ve done some regrouping with the idea of the Audrey Eclectic Read Along, and have decided on our June book! It will be….Jane Eyre!

However— quickly— I wanted to make mention that if you (so kindly!) signed the petition to release the Sudanese mother who just gave birth in prison who is sentenced to die for not converting her religion– and are now receiving extremely political emails from the petition site- I am SO SORRY!

I’ve gotten a couple of emails myself and I was annoyed that because I signed one petition I am now being asked to sign more with a much more political bent, and I assume you are too. That was completely not my intention! I try my utmost to make this a politics free area here, because who am I to tell you what to think or believe— and then that happens. My sincere apologies for that!

And also, there is an unsubcribe button at the bottom of the email where you can tell them you dont want to receive further information.

Ok— So THAT said— let’s move on to Jane Eyre! 😀

June first is TOMORROW! So head to the library or dig out that old copy of Jane Eyre and please join us in reading! I think it will be lots of fun! Visit our Read Along Page for more details.

Well, on to the weekend! Hope you have a great one!~

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