Summer, inside and out

  Here it is, the last day of June! And the sweltering bright days of summer are here for a while. Earlier we walked down to the post office to send some prints to their new homes, and that was about all we could muster for outside time. Being outdoors is now best done in the morning or evening— that’s just life out here, I guess 😉 
   I’m trying to keep the garden going though and I’m so happy to see the zenias starting to bloom! I sprinkled zenia seeds all over this yard in the spring— and its no overstatement to say they’re now coming up everywhere! In the lawn! In the cracks of the old rock garden! It’s marvelous— zenias are my new favorite. So dependable, hardy and easy.
   When the sun is high in the sky and its a little too hot to go outside, we can still enjoy nature from out our big old windows— and lately the funniest little squirrel has been entertaining me out in the cedar tree just out our dining room window. I snapped a photo of him lounging on a low branch, resting his chin on a nut. He’s not above doing a branch belly flop either, slinging himself across a branch and eating a nut while his tail dangles!
  As for me, I’m making good progress on the large commission Im working on and looking through books for, yes, Christmas art inspiration. And also thinking about what I will do with the new studio space! I cant wait to get moved over and spread out over there. I have no fear that I will be able to use every inch, ha! I cant wait to share the progress with you!
   Well, off for now! Will be back later—

3 thoughts on “Summer, inside and out

  1. Your post reminds me I need a new knitting basket! Is it odd that we like to knit even in the summer? I know many people who won't touch it until the cooler months come around! I also wanted to say I just LOVE your curtains. Your home snippets give me so much inspiration!


  2. Zinnias are a favorite of mine as well because they usually do OK even down here in the heat and humidity. It has been awfully hot and miserable down here the past 5 days because for some reason the rain has missed us while hitting everyone else. But, like you say, it is summer! You know, I have a squirrel who stretches himself out on a limb in the heat of the afternoon and takes a snooze! He is so cute and I have never seen a squirrel do that. You see, proof positive…even the squirrels are worn out by these hot and humid days!


  3. Dependable, easy, and hardy? I will definitely give zinnias a try! I'm afraid this summer it's basically petunias and marigolds for me- I can't kill them no matter how hard I try. 😉


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