Tasha Tuesday: Nell Dorr Portraits

    A few weeks ago I was able to borrow the book “Mother and Child”, which features the work of American photographer Nell Dorr within its pages. Dorr was a pioneering photographer, who loved to create photos of families– especially mothers and their children. She also happened to be a very close friend of Tasha Tudor and her husband– and Godmother to her children.

   The photos span several years, and feature Dorr’s own children and grandchildren. There is no rhyme or reason to the photos, but they are all very moody and heartfelt, full of nostalgia and sweet scenes, for sure. Several of the photos are recognizable from the film “Take Joy” about Tasha’s life.

   This last photo of Tasha with her hands in little Bethany’s hair just kills me. It is so sweet, and that look on Bethany’s face of a little girl admiring herself in a mirror, taking in her pretty dress….this is the stage I am in life right now with my girl. Its so bittersweet and lovely to see a snippet of Tasha at that time too.

   Well, friends, it is nearly 10 pm on Tuesday. Im sorry its taken me so long to get this post up! But, well, life and babies…what can I say? I made it, just in time though— right?

Til next time–

5 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Nell Dorr Portraits

  1. Better late then never! I love this book even if it is a bit dark (and not in a good way in my opinion! haha) The photos of a young Tasha with her children are especially poignant.


  2. I am new to Nell Dorr and her photos are beautiful and a bit mysterious to me. They do capture those special moments in black and white and the way she uses light makes them each a work of art. Lovely! The one of Tasha and her daughter is quite dear as it saves a moment in time which is like you say, very fleeting!


  3. What a gorgeous book. I love the first photograph. There is something to be said about motherhood in the past. It seems that now life is so busy, and mothers are having to juggle so many things. This book captures a quieter time between mother and child, something I believe you embody so gracefully!


  4. What a BEAUTIFUL book Heather and I have been away from here for so long, which I am sorry about, but do I see another addition to the family? SO nice to hook back up again! Karen


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