An Autumn Gathering for 2014!

      You’ll have to indulge me, I just couldn’t wait any longer!!! Its the first day of school, and my first full day to scheme about the upcoming autumn season. of course this meant new banners and blog make-over! It also means setting a date for this year’s “Autumn Gathering” and I’m so excited to start thinking about my favorite season!
     So stay tuned for Saturday, September 13— That’s when I will list the new autumn items for sale in my etsy shop. We will make pumpkin coffee and put on our snuggliest sweaters and share some folk art goodies!
   I hope you like the new banner and blog look— after I loaded it up I thought “gee, I hope people don’t think I’m insinuating that big ol’ salt box is MY home!” ha! I wish! It’s one of the beautiful antique homes in the village of Deerfield, Mass. I visited there with my friends Emily, Alyson and Patricia and what a beautiful perfect autumn day! The house in the banner was my favorite. I just love all the rambling extras and the beautiful paint colors.
   The house in the Autumn Gathering banner is from Concord, Mass. It was one of the antique homes situated along the trail from The Minute Man museum. It was set back in a beautiful autumn field, just lovely. We took photos than rambled around the house (it wasn’t a private home, of course) and sat on the back stone stoop and rested. I can still picture us sitting there, enjoying the day. We’d just gone by the Louisa May Alcott house down the road that morning, and it was closed til later in the day. So we took photos outside while we were the only ones there— which turned out to be smart! Then we went to the Minute Man Museum and then walked down the trail and saw some beautiful old homes that are part of the tours and reenactments there. This house was one of those homes.

   As for me— well, it’s going to be around 100 degrees outside all week. I am not too thrilled about this 😉 perhaps that is my I am burying myself head first into autumn! I’ve already seen a few odd leaves changing. I cant wait to walk outside one morning and feel that amazing autumn chill. Where you want just a cup of coffee to warm your hands. And the sky holds just a hint of coming rain. Yes, that would be PERFECT! I am holding out for that day 🙂

   Til next time, then. Mark your calendar for September 13! And I’ll get to painting!

5 thoughts on “An Autumn Gathering for 2014!

  1. Heather, I love your new header and poster for the upcoming Fall Gathering! Ohh, the colors are so warm and inviting. IT does feel like Fall! And you know me, I too am sharing the excitement about the first day when there is a bit of chill outside and the Pumpkin Coffee will take on a new level of perfection! Isn't a week or more of 100 degree days enough penance for some early fall breezes in September??? Surely!!


  2. Ah can't wait to see what you have up on September 13th. Autumn is our time lovely Heather! Let us enjoy every leaf, every cup of coffee, every pumpkin and every Halloween special on tv!


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