Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor!

         If you’re a Tasha Tudor lover like me, today is a day to celebrate! This would have been Tasha’s 99th birthday. The perfect occasion to have a little tea time celebration, enjoy the flowers, and find some time to “take peace” or “take joy”, or whatever Tasha notion captures your fancy!

     Today when I opened up my copy of Tasha Tudor’s Garden, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful pressed autumn maple leaf, which I had picked up in the yard of the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, VT. last autumn.
    What a fabulous day we had that day! Started the morning off at the museum with Emily and Alyson and met up with Patricia there. Thankfully, Emily and Alyson humored Patricia and I as we walked around squeaking and grinning and overall acting like a couple of fan girls. I wanted to buy all the Tasha things!!! Really, its probably best you didnt see me that day, grinning like a fool with eyes big as saucers. I was in “The Land of Tasha”. And I was with great friends. It was, shall we say, marvelous! 

    Not many people out here on the prairie know about Tasha. But when I do find someone who does, its like finding an immediate kindred spirit. And my kids, of course, know all about Tasha. From taking naps to the soothing sounds of “Take Joy” or “Take Peace” playing on the tv to opening up the season’s Advent calendar, Tasha is alive and well at our house!

   And as we celebrate “99”, I can’t help but eagerly anticipate “100”! I’ll tell you a secret— I’m longing for New England again. Especially now that Autumn is coming back around. I want to go back, and I want my family to come with me. We are dreaming of an epic family road trip….all the way up to New York to where my friend Patricia is, in Albany. I’d love to show Audrey the Tasha Museum— and Robbie too, because he’ll be a little bigger by then— and share the beauty of that part of the country with Will. 
   So fingers crossed, stars aligned, and a prayer said that next year….we might find ourselves on another Tasha Adventure. We shall see!!!

  Til then, I’m thinking I’ll make Tasha’s meatloaf (Will’s favorite!) for dinner tonight, and maybe snuggle up with Take Peace and knit. Yes….a total Granny dream day 😉 I think Tasha would approve though!

  Of course on this special day, I’m not the only one celebrating! Be sure to visit the Tudor Family’s blog “Rookery Ramblings” to see a collection of Tasha birthday posts from around the country and the globe! I can’t wait to see all the other celebrations going on.

   Til next time, Take Joy!~

52 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor!

  1. Heather, lovely post! You did post this on the FB page for us too, right? I can't remember. I am hoping to get my post up about Bethany and all the dolls soon. So much to do so little time:-)Love,Suzanne


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